Sister Showdown: Facial Cleansers

November 9, 2008

Great product recommendations, BigSis!  I've never tried any of those, but I just might have to give the CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser a try. I have drier skin and I always need to make sure that it is hydrated or I look really “tired”.

I also never go to bed without cleansing my face, but I guess you could say that I have lower maintenance skin. It's not out of laziness that I don't take more time to cleanse my face, it's more a matter of convenience. I never have liked using washcloths to remove eye makeup because I hate that the mascara stains the cloths. A few years ago, I got tired of buying the cotton rounds and separate eye makeup remover.

Olay Micro-Exfoliating Wet Cleansing Cloths

Olay Micro-Exfoliating Wet Cleansing Cloths

If you purchase them at Target or Wally Mart, they are around $7.99.  I just found this deal at They are $8.79 at, but if you buy one Olay Regenerist item, you get the second item for 50% off.  I'm not recommending that this product is for everyone because obviously it is not a deep cleansing product. It's quick and easy and gets the job done when I'm in a hurry.

  • When I do actually take a little more time to cleanse, I really love Origins Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash. This cleanser does a great job on combination skin.  My skin feels nice and clean after using this product but never feels dry and tight. At $18.50 a tube, it is still a good value.
Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash

Origins Checks and Balances

  • I also love Origins Never a Dull Moment. Origins calls this product a skin-brightening face cleanser.  It contains extract of crushed papaya and not only smells amazing, but really does the job of sloughing off dead skin. It almost feels like a scrub, but isn't drying. It also costs $18.50 a tube.
Origins Never a Dull Moment

Origins Never a Dull Moment

Of course, with both these Origins products, I have to remove my eye makeup separately, so I don't end up using them as often as I should.  If I get my makeup off, moisturizer and eye cream on every night, then I'm pretty happy.

Now, when it comes to hydrating products and eye creams, I'm a a lot more rigid and use a combination of those products every morning and every night!  I've got drier skin than BigSis, so I might be a little more obsessive about these products. I would talk about those now, but they deserve an entire post of their own. BigSis, you want to share some of your favorite eye creams?


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