Sister Showdown: Exfoliating Products

November 14, 2008

Ok, LilSis, let me wrap up my contribution to the Sister Showdown skin care extravaganza week!  I mentioned that keeping my skin clean clean clean is the key to my skin care regimen, so effective exfoliating products are super important.  Without a doubt, the queen of this category for me is Origins Modern Friction.

Origins Modern Friction

Origins Modern Friction

Oh my gravy, do I love this product!  Use this 2 or 3 times a week, and just see for yourself how smooth your skin feels.  The amazing thing is that it works so beautifully at removing what needs to be removed, but it’s incredibly gentle and doesn’t feel rough or scratchy in the least.  Origins calls it “Nature’s gentle dermabrasion” and that is no exaggeration, in my opinion.  It’s made with rice starch, lemon oil, and aloe, and it smells like peppermint and bergamot.  If you’re skeptical about my glowing praise, do yourself a favor and go into an Origins store and see if they’ll demo the product for you.  I betcha they will, and then you’ll be sold!  For $37 you get 4 ounces, and it actually lasts longer than you might think.

Let’s stay in Origins for my favorite mask Clear Improvement.

Origins Clear Improvement Mask

Origins Clear Improvement Mask

Ok, so it’s not a gorgeously photogenic product.  This isn’t a Barbie pink or mint green mask, nope, this is a serious mask that will launch a serious attack on the junk in your pores!  It’s a clay mask with active charcoal, and it sweeps out your pores like nobody’s business!  Apply this deep dark mask, let it dry, and remove it to reveal your glowing purified skin.  It’s $21 for a 3.4 ounce tube.

That’s it for me, LilSis!  Are there any scrubby little secrets in your skincare routine that you want to divulge?


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