Sister Showdown: Exfoliating Products

November 15, 2008

Well, finally, a product that we both use! I also love the Origins Modern Friction! It is the only scrub that I have in my stockpile of skin care products.

Origins Modern Friction

Origins Modern Friction

I need to be more disciplined and use this at least once a week!  Yes, twice a week would be better, but once a week is better than not at all.  Back in the day when I was a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant, (many moons ago), I was better about  using a mask weekly.  Next time I’m at an Origins counter, I think I’ll pick up the Clear Improvement.  I’ve never used it, but I’m sure my pores could use some unclogging!

I think this brings our week-long exchange of favorite skin care products to an end. We did mention earlier that we love to talk about eye creams and moisturizers, right?  Does anyone have a favorite skin care product that they would like to share with us?  Just leave us a comment!

We really would like to know if you enjoyed the week-long discussion on one topic.  We would love to hear from you!

(Just FYI, our blog isn’t one of those that makes you go through a long process just to leave a comment. I’ve had that happen to me when trying to comment on some blogs and it can be frustrating.)


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  1. Posted by SisMama

    November 15, 20088:07 am

    Hey…and Happy Saturday…it’s been fun to read about all the great products you girls use..One of my favorite products is Serious Skin Care Glucosamine Skin Resurfacing goes on like water, has no fragrance and is not oily, so it won’t clog the fact, it helps to minimize them..and makes your skin feel smooth..You have to use it twice a day, each and every day, and follow with a moisturizer if your skin needs it…As many SSC products as we use, Serious Skin Care should send us a gift basket….

  2. Posted by LilSis

    November 15, 200810:55 am

    Thanks, SisMama! I’ve actually never used any Serious Skin Care products, but I think I should try that one! Do you order direct through their website or through one of the home shopping sites?

  3. Posted by SisMama

    November 15, 20085:38 pm

    I buy from…item 343-836 is a SSC Glucosamine kit that contains 2 of the serum, 2 moisturizers, 1 eye cream and 1 large 12 oz. cleanser…a great buy at 44.50..the serum alone costs 26.50 for one..I have been known to use the extra eye cream and facial moisturizer on my hands, as they get special treatment also..

  4. Posted by LilSis

    November 15, 20087:03 pm

    Thanks so much for the info, SisMama! That really is a good buy! Thanks for sharing that. I’m going to order the kit and I’ll let ya know how I like it. If you like it, I’m sure that I will!

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