Pink T3 Tourmaline Flat Iron

February 22, 2009

The day that changed my life?  It was 8 to 10 years ago.  I can’t remember exactly when I first heard about the Chi ceramic flat iron, but I do recall that it cost me $140 at my salon (they were sold only through salons at that point).   I’d NEVER paid that much money for any hair tool, and haven’t paid that much since then.  But that first Chi lasted me up until 2 weeks ago with zero problems.  So was it worth it?  Oh yeah!  To go from big curly frizzy poofy Texas hair to smooth silky straight hair for only about a dollar a month?  No question!

After having such great results and endurance from my old Chi, I of course wanted to replace him with the same model.  Dance with the one that brought ya, right?  I got the new Chi home, unwrapped him, and prepared to enjoy his smoothing hotness for the first time.  Damn!  This guy couldn’t fill the shoes of my old Chi!  What the heck!!  He wasn’t hot and smooth!  He was draggy and warmish and pulled my hair!

Back to the store he went!  Still, I was loyal to my old Chi and got another exact replica of him.  Surely, I couldn’t be disappointed two times in a row.  Wrong!  Again, it felt like Mr. Chi wasn’t getting hot enough, but he did seem to be frying my hair and pulling the ends.  Back to the store we went for the third time.

I’m loyal, but I’m no fool.  Something has changed in Chi-land since I bought my first one many years ago.  It was time to switch teams, and that’s what I did.  The next applicant to be my new flat iron friend was the T3 Tourmaline.  Tourmaline is a precious crystal that is embedded within the ceramic plates somehow, and it is supposed to use negative ions to lock moisture in the hair, and to lessen the damage inflicted on the hair. It did cost me an extra $20, but I was willing to give it a try.  I can’t live without a flat iron, and the Chi wasn’t an option any longer.  As we say in Texas, he’d done split his britches!

Pink T3 Tourmaline Flat Iron

Pink T3 Tourmaline Flat Iron

Did the T3 live up to the claims it made?  Yes yes yes!  I love this flat iron!  I’ve been using it for almost a week, and it honestly is very noticable to me that it is gentler on my hair.  It seems easier to get the ends to curve under, plus it’s much lighter weight than the Chi and the temperature is adjustable.  And did I mention that IT’S PINK??!!  I love this iron.  When your current iron poops out on you, this is the ONE to try!


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  1. Posted by SisMama

    February 22, 200911:36 am

    Hey..glad you found one that didn’t fry your hair..and pink too!

  2. Posted by LilSis

    February 22, 200912:09 pm

    Thanks! My Chi is still working, knock on wood, but this looks like a great iron! I’ll check it out when I need a new one.

  3. Posted by BigSis

    February 22, 20097:38 pm

    SisMama: leave it to me to find a pink one, right?

    LilSis: This is a great iron! Hopefully you won’t need to invest in a new one for a while!

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