Pantry Organization Project…Check!

March 2, 2009

Remember the other day when I talked about my undying love for the OXO Good Grips Pop Containers?  I've been skipping up to Bed Bath & Beyond every weekend to buy a few more containers.  If I only buy 2 or 3 each trip, it seems to my little brain that I'm not spending as much money on this project as it would if I got them all in one fell swoop.  Just a little psychological game I play on myself.

So today, I made another trip to BB&B and picked up the last two containers I need for Phase 1 of my pantry organization project.  All of my flours, sugars and cocoa are contained and labeled!

OXO Good Grips Pop Containers at work

OXO Good Grips Pop Containers at work

They fit nicely on one shelf, and make me a verry happy girl!  I could go crazy and start Phase 2, which will be containing the lentils, popcorn, beans, and rices… all of those little bags of stuff, you know.  But I'm pretty content for now and the bags aren't bugging me at this minute.  Next week may be a different story, but everything's good in BigSis' pantry today!


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4 Comments so far

  1. Posted by SisMama

    March 2, 200910:03 am

    Very nice…not many of us have a pantry that organized and neat !

  2. Posted by LilSis

    March 2, 20093:33 pm

    That looks awesome!! I love those containers! If I showed you a picture of my pantry, you would probably have a little OCD anxiety attack. Unfortunately, organizing my pantry isn’t even on my priority list right now. I’m jealous!

  3. Posted by BigSis

    March 2, 20096:37 pm

    Hi SisMama! It’s not always that neat, but at least I have some cool tools to help me keep it organized!

  4. Posted by BigSis

    March 2, 20096:39 pm

    Hey LilSis! You would DEFINITELY love these containers. Thankfully, getting a neat tidy result didn’t take much time at all…just a minute to wash the containers, fill em up and rock the label maker!

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