Missing Me Some Lost Already

May 15, 2009

There’s so much going on in TV-land this week!  American Idol is down to the top two finalists now (sorry, Danny, I didn’t vote), Dancing with the Stars is down to the top three couples, Gray’s Anatomy had their season finale episode last night, and The Biggest Loser wrapped up this week. Those are the big ones I know about and I’m sure there are lots of others.  But do I care about any of these shows?  Nope.  All I care about is one thing…Lost!  Wednesday night’s episode is the last one that I’ll see before the final season starts.  I think I’m mourning it already.  Lost is the one show I faithfully watch without fail.  I’ll watch Idol and enjoy it, but it’s no biggie if I miss it.  Do I miss a minute of Lost?  Oh, hell, no!

So what happened Wednesday night?  What didn’t happen!  These are the notes I scribbled down to talk about with my fellow “Losties”:

  • So Jacob met young Kate stealing?  And young Sawyer at his parents’ funeral?  And Sayid when Nadia died?  And Alanna in bandages? And John Locke after he flew out the window?  And Sun and Jin at their wedding?  And Jack at the hospital?  And Hurley outside the prison?   And he was speaking all those languages?  And flying around in time?  What the heck does it MEAN??
  • What’s in the guitar case Jacob left in the cab with Hurley?
  • How long had Jacob been living at the giant statue?  Why is there only an ankle and a foot left?  How did Jacob get there?  Who was the other guy who wanted to kill him?
  • Is Jacob really dead?  How could he let Ben kill him?  Surely he knew it was coming!
  • What’s the deal with Jacob being so kind and caring?  Didn’t we think he’d be monster-ish?  He was downright nice!
  • Why did the other plane survivors, led by Alanna, turn weird?  Or maybe they were always weird and we’re just now seeing it.  What does it mean that they think Lapidus is a candidate?
  • We were all digging the new confident John Locke, right?  But now we have a question.  WHO IS THE NEW LOCKE??  Did the dude looking for a loophole just assume John’s identity?  What??
  • Hasn’t Jack changed a TON since getting back to the island?  First, he’s Mr. Philosophical Man…it’s our destiny, the island wants this or that, blabbedy blah.  Second, he’s Mr. Gun-Toting Man.  Have we ever seen him shoot anyone?  I can’t recall it if we have, but he was shooting anything that moved this week, like he’d just channeled Dirty Harry.  And, thirdly, now he’s Mr. Fight Club?  He and Sawyer have definitely been building up to the Mother of All Fights for years, but this was a bloody doozie!  What would have happened if they’d been allowed to fight to the death?
  • On a lighter note, what was the point of finding Bernard and Rose playing house in the jungle?  I was kind of hoping we’d seen the last of wimpy Bernard.  But it was nice to see that dear old Vincent was still a survivor.
  • Once the nuke had been tossed into the hole, why were these people all standing around the drill site pickin’ their dirty noses??  Wouldn’t you run like heck?  I would.  But that’s just me.
  • Ok, as much as I loved this last episode, there’s one thing I’m just not buying, and that’s the whole mind-changing thing going on with the girls.  Juliet is so convinced – by her nemesis Kate, no less – of the wrongness of Jack’s bomb plan that she gives up her last chance to get off the island, while she’s in the ding dang sub, for cryin’ out loud?  But 5 minutes later, she’s changed her mind?  Huh?  And increasingly-annoying Kate is on her self-righteous white horse to stop Jack from making this mortal error, but five minutes later, she’s changed her mind too??  What?  I get it…a woman’s prerogative is to change her mind, but I didn’t buy it this time.  Sorry, it seemed contrived to me.
  • So we think we’ve seen the last of Juliet.  Finally!  Whew!  Isn’t it ironic that she’s been so periodically untrustworthy and generally irritating, and now she may actually turn out to be a martyr and secret hero for cussing out the bomb and bashing it with a rock?  That is, if the bomb plan worked…once it blew, did it work?

Those are my thoughts, although I should say those are my questions.  Isn’t that what we love about Lost though?  That as much as we learn, we always have more questions and we can never predict what will happen?  Oh, and there’s one more thing that I love about Lost.


Did you think I could leave Lost til next season without a little more deliciosity to get us through these long, cold, lonely months?  Oh, hell, no!


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  1. Posted by noble pig

    May 15, 200910:44 am

    I couldn’t read what yopu wrote…i haven’t watched mine yet!

  2. Posted by BigSis

    May 15, 20094:35 pm

    I definitely wouldn’t want to spoil it for you…after you watch it, let me know your thoughts!

  3. Posted by Melissa

    May 15, 20095:06 pm

    This post was amusing to me and I don’t even watch Lost. I know, I know, it’s great but I don’t really watch TV.

    I know anything and everything about celebrities though. Gossip blogs = guilty pleasure. And your photos made me laugh. My sister was just saying to me the other night that Josh H. was one of her “freebie five.”

  4. Posted by BigSis

    May 15, 20095:59 pm

    Thanks, Melissa! I’m not a huge TV fan either because so much of it seems to be a mindless waste of time to me, but this show keeps me guessing and I’ve been addicted since the first episode. If you ever get curious, you can always rent the past seasons on DVD!

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