Could you put a ceramic head on your beer can chicken?

June 9, 2009

(Warning: If you are a vegetarian, you may not want to scroll down. You might find the photo a little disturbing. I'm not promoting these so please don't send me a mean email.)

I make beer can chicken quite a bit at our house. All I do is put a dry rub all over the outside and sprinkle a little inside the chicken and inside the beer. Sometimes, I'll add fresh herbs for something a little different. But, it's extremely easy and I've found that it turns out even better than an oven roasted chicken.  (I used to make a pretty awesome roasted chicken, but it was a lot more work.)

I was making a beer can chicken for us almost every week and HayHay finally got burnt out on it and requested that I not make one for a while.  So, I haven't made one in two or three weeks.

I have to admit, I always feel a little bad after I season the chicken and sit it up on the beer can. It's just a little disturbing to me seeing the chicken all perched up there with it's legs propped up and it's little wings tucked back. It really makes it resemble the once walking, talking little animal that was.  And, when you stick the little ‘thingamajig' in the top to cork it up so it can steam, I feel even worse.

I've considered never cooking one again.  And, if I stuck a ceramic drunk head on top of the poor dead chicken, it would probably put me over the edge.

Could you put a ceramic chicken head on your beer can chicken?


BigSis ran across this “Making Chicken Seem More Lifelike” post on Serious Eats and sent me the link to check it out. Why would I want to make a dead chicken that I'm about to eat seem more lifelike?

They sell these ceramic drunk chicken heads on Amazon! Here are their close-ups.







I could actually be a vegetarian if I didn't have to cook ‘critters' for anyone else in my house. And, I don't think that idea would be very well received by either SirHoney or HayHay since last night they each put down an entire slab of ribs.  I don't eat ribs. Something about that bothers me, too.  Now, I can definitely eat me some bacon and ham, but I just don't want to chomp on the pig's ribs.

BigSis, I bet BDot might think these are funny.

Does this bother anyone else? Or do you think they're funny?


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