Trader Joe’s Double Roasted Salsa

June 11, 2009

BigSis, I haven't had Joe T's Salsa Picante in so long; I think I forgot how much I used to like it. For quite some time now, my favorite has been the Trader Joe's Double Roasted Salsa.

Sometimes when I really, really love something so much that I know I won't be able to resist it, I don't let myself buy it.

Well, this salsa is one of those things, like Crunchy Cheetos. (I absolutely cannot have those in my house.) I usually only buy this when we have guests. I got it out yesterday after school for HayHay and some of his friends. There won't be any left for me, so I had myself ‘one perfect chip'.

Doesn't get much better than this!

Doesn't get much better than this!

Not that the salsa itself has any fat or is bad for you at all! It isn't! It's actually quite healthy! Here are the ingredients:

Tomatoes, water, double roasted anaheim peppers, onions, cilantro, cider vinegar, jalapenos, lime juice, sea salt, garlic, cumin, black pepper.

The green chilis are roasted peeled and roasted again. The double roasting process give this salsa such a smoky flavor.

For two teaspoons, there are only 10 calories, no fat, and 140 mg. of sodium.  It's so hard for me to describe the flavor of this salsa. It's very unique! I think it is the smoky flavor that I like so much. I can't even taste the cumin or the cilantro, which makes me happy because sometimes those can be overpowering.

I love the texture because there are no large chunks. And yes, I still buy Pace Picante Mild Extra Chunky for SirHoney! Ick!  I prefer a smoother consistency, so this is just perfect. This salsa would be so good on eggs or veggies.

So, why do I not buy it more often?

Because I have no willpower, that's why! When I have this salsa, I must eat it with these! The best darn tortilla chips ever! We said adios to Tostitos when we discovered these.

TJ's Organic White corn tortilla chips

What a Perfect Pair!

Unfortunately, there are no Trader Joe's in Texas, as most Texans probably already know. Sorry, BigSis! I've heard that there are some Texans that load up their cars and trucks with coolers and drive on over to Arizona for their favorite Trader Joe's products. I've come to believe that's probably true.

That could be your next outing with SisMama, BDot and Aunt C!  Here's a cool map showing all of the current Trader Joe's locations and locations coming soon!

So, BigSis, I guess when you're in my ‘neck of the woods', I'll share some of the TJ's Salsa with you and when I come to ‘Big D', you can have some Joe T's ready for me.

Or maybe on my next trip, I'll bring a jar with me and we'll have a real live Salsa Showdown!


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