Hatch Green Chile and Garlic Goat Cheese

August 24, 2009

The Hatch Green Chile Festival is in full swing! If you haven't gone “Hatch Crazy” before, now is the time! What's the big deal about the Hatch Green Chiles? They are green chiles that are only grown in Hatch, New Mexico. They are delicious, and they're only available for a short time each year. Here in Texas, we're already hot and spicy so when Hatch time rolls around, we go nuts!

You can do a million things with these flavorful peppers. I wandered through Central Market the other night amidst the Hatch Green Chile frenzy, and they were sampling these things in the store:

  • Hatch Green Chile Monterrey Jack Cheese grilled in sourdough bread (unbelievably scrumptious)
  • Hatch Green Chile Pesto wrapped up in a tortilla with mild sliced roasted peppers
  • Hatch Green Chile Cheese Bread

They also had these items all made with Hatch Green Chiles: tortillas, tortilla chips, sausages, hamburger patties, hamburger and hot dog buns, chili con queso, popcorn, twice-baked potatoes, and meatloaf!  So apparently there isn't anything that a Hatch Chile can't do!

I decided to use some of my roasted pepper stash in a goat cheese spread. I've been buying a Hatch Green Chile Goat Cheese from a little local goat farm for the last couple of years, but sadly they recently went out of business so I made my own easy version.  I used the mild variety of the peppers, so please check the heat level of your peppers and adjust the quantity you use in this recipe if yours are hot.  Trust me!  The hot ones are hotter than heck, and if you use a whole 1/4 cup of them in this recipe, your hair will absolutely be on fire!  Not to mention other parts of your body!

Hatch Green Chile and Garlic Goat Cheese

Hatch Green Chile and Garlic Goat Cheese

Hatch Green Chile and Garlic Goat Cheese

4 garlic cloves, crushed (I used 6 cloves cause that's how I roll)
1/4 cup roasted and chopped mild Hatch Green Chiles
Olive oil for sauteing
8 ounces goat cheese
Dash of Frank's Red Hot Sauce
Pepper to taste

Saute the crushed garlic in the olive oil over low heat for a minute or two, but do not brown.  Add the chopped chiles and saute for another 30 seconds.  Add to the goat cheese, and mix to blend well.  Add the Frank's Red Hot and pepper to taste.  Serve with crackers or crudite.

Hatch Green Chile and Garlic Goat Cheese with Tomatoes

Hatch Green Chile and Garlic Goat Cheese with Tomato Dippers

Whatever your pepper pleasure is, make sure to take advantage of these peppers while they're in season!


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7 Comments so far

  1. Posted by grace

    August 24, 20097:50 am

    plain, stuffed, grilled, roasted, pickled, whatever—I LOVE PEPPERS. 🙂
    .-= grace´s last blog post … beirut restaurant =-.

  2. Posted by BigSis

    August 24, 20093:55 pm

    Me too, Grace, except for one. I HATE green bell peppers with a PASSION!!!

  3. Posted by peabody

    August 24, 20095:02 pm

    I have actually been. Which was interesting since I am allergic to all peppers. 😉
    .-= peabody´s last blog post … “Those aren’t pillows”…. =-.

  4. Posted by BigSis

    August 24, 20095:35 pm

    Hey Peabody, what a bummer to be allergic to peppers! You can eat the Hatch chiles though? I wouldn’t be sad to be allergic to bell peppers!

  5. Posted by david

    September 7, 20098:33 pm

    I am located in tyler texas , where can i find hatch green chile here? please let me know davidflake2000@yahoo.com

  6. Posted by BigSis

    September 8, 20096:31 am

    Hi David, if you have a Whole Foods or Central Market out there, you should find the roasted and fresh chiles there. I’ve also seen the roasted peppers at a Sprouts store. I hope that helps! Good luck!

  7. Posted by Preston Mitchell

    May 22, 201011:41 pm

    One good source for people who aren’t lucky enough to live in New Mexico is http://www.berridgefarms.com they ship fresh green and red chile during the chile season.

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