Estee Lauder Phasing Out Prescriptives Line

October 9, 2009

Have you heard the news about Estee Lauder phasing out the Prescriptives line? If any of your favorite beauty products happen to be made by Prescriptives, I'm betting you've heard about this!

I'm really BUMMED because I've been using Prescriptives Traceless foundation for YEARS now and I've never found a foundation that I love as much as this one.

Prior to discovering Traceless, I used the Prescriptives Virtual Skin foundation, which I also loved, but Traceless is a little more sheer, goes on a little smoother, and looks more natural on me.

BigSis & I have both talked about our essential beauty products this week so I thought this would be a good time to mention this news from Estee Lauder. When I talked about the Top Three products I can't live without, it was hard for me to choose between the MAC powder and the Prescriptives Traceless foundation.  I can hang at the house with just mascara on, but anytime I go out, I always have on the Traceless Foundation and the MAC Loose Powder.

Since I'm trying to prepare for our trip to Blog World in Vegas next week, I ran into Macys to grab a new Traceless so I don't run out while out of town.  When I asked if they still had any Level Three Traceless left, the salesperson told me that she had three containers. For some stupid reason, I only bought two of them instead of all three. I'm probably going to order more online before they're all gone! One container lasts me a few months so I won't need to make a change any time soon if I stock up now.

By January, 2010, the Prescriptives line will have been phased out of the department stores. There is a slight chance that you will be able to order some products online even after they are discontinued, but if it's a popular item and you LOVE it like I LOVE the Traceless, you better stock up NOW!

The sales person at the Prescriptives counter told me that Estee Lauder was holding a training class today at our local Macys to teach all the employees how to transition Prescriptive customers into other products, obviously others brands under the Estee Lauder ownership. I hope I can eventually find something that I love as much as Traceless!

If anyone has a favorite foundation that's light and sheer and goes on nice and smooth, PLEASE let me know about it!


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