New Year, New Way of Living

January 4, 2010

Happy new year, everyone!  I hope that you had a wonderful holiday time, and that you’re fired up about the new year and ready to get it rolling!  I love that it always feel like a fresh start to me.  Who among us doesn’t need a fresh start in some area of their life?

I talked last year about how I don’t really like resolutions because I feel like I’m setting myself up to fail somehow if I make official “resolutions”.  Instead, I like to think about what I did the previous year…what worked, what was a disaster, what do I want to do differently, what do I want to add to my life.  For me, a new year is about reflection and reevaluation.

This new year, I can see that it’s going to take extra workouts to achieve and maintain the level of fitness I’m comfortable with.  I was on that train for several months in 2009, but wandered off it and have to get back on now.  I’m not totally out in the weeds, but I’m a bit off course, and that slight veering off the path can quickly turn into a full-blown physical train wreck when you’re forty-plus!  If you don’t know what I mean, you will eventually!

The biggest change for 2010 is one I’ve been seriously contemplating for the last few months, after having it in the back of my mind for 15 years. It’s time for me to stop fiddling around and finally go vegan.

When I first stopped eating all meat products, I also stayed away from eggs and dairy for quite a while, but finally succumbed and adopted a purely vegetarian diet rather than vegan.  Since I know that the egg and dairy industries are probably more abusive than the factory meat farms, I’m going to put my money where my mouth is and stop putting eggs and dairy there.

I started out telling myself that this vegan business was going to be really hard; harder than going vegetarian was since that was pretty darn easy for me.  The biggest challenge is definitely going to be learning how to bake in a completely different way, and for me this is pretty major since I love to bake more than I like to cook.

I’ve decided this change will be fun, as well as the right thing for me to do, and one thing I’m going to do from square one to make it funner is to blog about it.  I realize that most BigSisLilSis readers aren’t vegan or even vegetarian, so I’m going to start a brand new blog for my vegan ramblings. I’m still noodling it around, so I’ll bust it out when it’s a bit more finalized.  I do know it’s going to be a little adventure, and I’m excited to start.  I’m in the process of cleaning all the butter and eggs and other holiday baking remnants from my kitchen, along with the holiday leftovers.  Once that’s gone, away we go to Vegan Land! Wheeee haw!

So, my goals or resolutions or whatever I’m calling them, are to:

  • Exercise with a new motivation and keep it up, with the goal of building more muscle and getting stronger. That means getting back to Jillian Michaels’ videos, yoga class, and using the new Wii Fit I just bought myself with Christmas money.  I also joined RecipeGirl’s 10 in 2010 program as LilSis did.
  • Adopt a vegan diet asap and blog about it.  You’ll notice a lot of new cookbooks in my left sidebar reading list now, since I’m going to need some help to keep my food interesting and nutritious!
  • Learn how to bake without eggs and dairy!  The 2010 SPCA Bake Sale is only 11.5 months away!
  • Find a new church and plug in.  It’s time already; stop messing around and commit to one.
  • Work toward balance between all aspects of my life: work, blogging, social, health, and spiritual. This is a toughie when you’re an all-or-nothing personality like me!

There you have it.  I bet that some of my goals and LilSis’ goals are the same as yours, so let’s all rally around each other, and make some positive changes in 2010!  We can do it!


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  1. Posted by LilSis

    January 4, 201012:24 pm

    Good for you! I bet you’re glad that you finally made that decision. Good luck! :-)

  2. Posted by BigSis

    January 5, 20108:01 am

    Thanks, LilSis! It’ll be a fun and new challenge, for sure~

  3. Posted by noble pig

    January 4, 201011:03 pm

    Happy New Year!!!
    .-= noble pig´s last blog post … Eight is Great =-.

  4. Posted by BigSis

    January 5, 20108:01 am

    Same to you, Noble Pig! I hope 2010 is a MOST excellent year for us all!

  5. Posted by Cathy - wheresmydamnanswer

    January 5, 20106:33 pm

    Great goals!!! I love the New Year it is a time to cleanse, purge and start fresh!! Happy New Year!! Cannot wait to see what culinary creations you come up with!!
    .-= Cathy – wheresmydamnanswer´s last blog post … How Michael Jackson saved my life… =-.

  6. Posted by BigSis

    January 7, 20105:42 pm

    I totally agree, Cathy. It’s fun to get a free pass to just start over. I’m kind of curious to see what I come up with too! :-)

  7. Posted by Jamey

    January 7, 201010:23 pm

    Good Luck with your vegan adventures and all of your other goals for this year!

  8. Posted by BigSis

    January 9, 201012:55 pm

    Thanks, Jamey! It’ll definitely be an adventure!

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