My little boy is in the Navy!

February 22, 2010

I know that sounds corny, but it's a pretty emotional day for me. Even though he is 25 years old, he's still my little boy and I know all you moms out there know what I mean when I say that.

This seems like it was just yesterday.

(Before I say more, I made a decision today to change BigT's blog nickname. All our other kids blog nicknames are their real nicknames. We chose BigT back when we started this blog because a neighbor had nicknamed him that, but that's not what we call him. We call him Bry, so from now on, BigT is Bry here on BigSisLilSis.)

Our entire family has been waiting for this day, with much anticipation, for seven months now. Bry first started the process of joining the Navy way back in July of last year. He worked with a recruiter here in San Diego for several months and when she couldn't locate a job for him, he packed up his truck, moved to Texas, met a new Recruiter on his first day there and started the process all over again.

Bry has never been real sure about which direction he wanted to take down the career path until now. Ever since he started talking about joining the Navy, he's seemed more sure about it than anything ever before. He's gone through a lot of red tape, gotten into the best physical shape of his life, and is more focused and motivated than I've ever seen him.

Even though I never really anticipated Bry being in the military, I always knew that he had a big heart and would do something great with his life. Now, he's going to help defend our country and I couldn't be more proud.

I'm on an emotional roller coaster today because I don't know when he's leaving Dallas or when he's arriving in Great Lakes, but I'll feel better once I talk to him tonight. He gets a 30-second phone call to let me know when he arrives, but after that I won't be able to speak to him for eight weeks. That's gonna be tough!

Today, I'm a really proud mom and a teary-eyed, lip quivering mess all at the same time!

Note from BigSis:

I know what you mean, LilSis, about being emotional!  I remember that cute little blond guy like it was yesterday too.  It was a rough weekend here, with Bry moving out of my place on Friday after spending 6 weeks with me, and then his send-off party on Saturday night.  I'm totally proud of him for doing such a brave thing with his life, and I'm trying not to be selfishly mopey!  To keep from going nuts with worry, I'm going to keep praying every day that God will surround him with a supernatural hedge of protection to keep him safe and well!  I hope that our BigSisLilSis friends will join me in praying for him, and all of our military!


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