Make an Easter Bunny Cake!

March 25, 2010

How many of us remember precious homemade Easter Bunny Cakes from our childhoods?  SisMama has made Bunny Cakes over the years, and they're always seriously adorable and a big hit with everyone…not just the kids!

This is the one SisMama makes.  It's the Kraft Easter Bunny Cake.

Kraft Easter Bunny Cake

Kraft's Easter Bunny Cake

If you want to make the super simple version, you just need cake mix, Cool Whip and coconut.  Oh, and decorations like gumdrops, licorice and jelly beans.  But if you have a little more time on your hands and want to fancy it up a bit, use a homemade cake with good homemade frosting.

Betty Crocker also has an Easter Bunny Cake that's way cute!  Again, use a cake mix if you want to.  Betty recommends a carrot cake mix with her canned frosting.

Easter Bunny Cake Betty Crocker

Betty Crocker's Easter Bunny Cake

I am so in love with this last cake that I can't stand it!  It does require the purchase of a Wilton Bunny Pan, but take a look at this Easter cuteness!  Wilton calls it their Landing Feet First! Cake.

Wilton Feet First Easter Bunny

Wilton's Feet First Easter Bunny

So pick your favorite, and surprise your family and friends with a cute Easter Bunny Cake this year.  I bet they'll remember it for years to come!


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