Dresses of Hope for Haitian Girls

May 16, 2010


Photo from 3seams.com

Happy little faces, aren't they?

These little girls probably have lots to be unhappy about, considering that they live in Haiti where the devastation continues.

True; children have a way of finding joy where there is none.  At least none that our adult eyes can see.

But one of the reasons these little girls are smiling is that they have adorable new dresses.  Dresses that were made by hand for them.  Dresses of cute cheerful fabric that are reversible, with shoulder ties to allow for adjustments as their girls grow taller.  Dresses that can become precious tops to wear with shorts later on.  Dresses that their girls can love and cherish and wear for a long time to come.


Photo from 3seams.com

Is this the cutest dress you ever saw?  Any little girl would love it.  But can you imagine what this gift would mean to a little girl in Haiti with nothing left?

How did this wonderful thing happen?  The answer is the dream and the vision of Inga from 3seams.  Inga is in Haiti at this moment, training 5 seamstresses to make dresses for the Haitian girls who are in such need.  It was only through donations that 3seams was able to make the trip to carry out their mission:

To reach beyond ourselves through children's clothing, promoting global interaction, and putting faith and love into motion!

Beautiful, isn't it?

I'm not sure how long 3seams will be in Haiti or what they have planned afterward, but I'm going to follow their progress. If there's an opportunity for us all to help them with future projects, I'll bring that to you.

Thanks to Angie from Bring the Rain for her charming post on this great work; and for sharing it with folks like me who hadn't heard about it.

Way to set a great example of us, Inga!  We're proud of you!


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