FURminator is THE Hairball Solution!

July 20, 2010

My cats have never been so beautiful! Look at this shiny coat on my Gaby:

Gaby Furminator

Ashy's coat is just as shiny.  In fact, these two are SO beautiful that I contemplated making a third cat out of the massive blob of hair that the FURminator pulled out of them!

Can you believe this?!  And this pile wasn't even from their first session with this miracle tool; it was the second!


I'd never even heard of the FURminator before, and now I'm the biggest cheerleader for this thing.  Do you know about the FURminator?  The purple tool in the photo above is the cat version with a 1.75″ edge that literally grabs onto the undercoat and gently pulls it out.  There is also a dog FURminator with a 4″ edge.

I know what you're thinking. “BigSis, you probably don't brush your cats. We should probably report you to the authorities for animal neglect.  No wonder you got so much dead hair out of their coat!  And your poor cats are probably Persians that you let get matted!  Shame on you, BigSis!”

Honestly, that's not it at all. My cats get brushed regularly with a slicker brush, and I STILL got this much hair out of them!  Plus, they're short-haired guys, not long-haired dudes!

I'm thinking my hairball problem just got solved with the discovery of the FURminator.  Voila.  Simple as that.  I paid over $35 for mine at PetSMart, and after seeing how well it works, it's pretty much invaluable to me.  I don't care how much I paid for it.  If you follow the FURminator links we've given you though, you can get your FURminator for a whole lot less than what I paid locally!  That's a sweet deal!

I don't RAVE about that many products, but this thing is unbelievable.  Do yourself a favor, and FURminate the dead hair out of your animal's coat instead of cleaning it off your carpet!


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