Pink’s Glitter in the Air

July 28, 2010

I don't watch any television during the day but I really wanted to see Oprah last Friday when she interviewed Pink and I totally forgot about it. If I had even remembered what day it was on, I could have at least set the DVR to record it. I'm bummed that I missed it.

Every time I hear Pink's ‘Glitter in the Air' on the radio, I'm instantly reminded of her jaw-dropping performance at the Grammy's.

I can't say enough about how much I love this song and this performance, so if you missed it, I think it's worth five minutes of your time to watch the video.

I remember after I first saw this on the Grammy's, I was happy that we had recorded it so I could watch it again. It's obvious that Pink is serious about staying in good shape and I think after seeing the Cirque de Soleil Zumanity in Vegas last year, it made me appreciate the talent and the strength it takes to perform this type of acrobatics.

I'm so glad that Pink doesn't even think of lip syncing because her voice is absolutely amazing in this performance. And, as if singing while hanging upside down from the ceiling on a trapeze in a gorgeous, yet skimpy bodysuit isn't enough; she decides to take it to the next level…


Tidbits from BigSis: Hey, LilSis, I have a few little bits of info that I can add to this. If you follow Pink's tweets or watch the news, you know that she had an accident last week shortly before her European tour ended. She flew off the stage into the steel barricade between the stage and the concert-goers, and was taken to the hospital. She didn't have any broken bones, miraculously, just lots of aches and pains.

Also, I heard that Dreya Webber choreographed this Grammy Award performance for Pink. If you do P90X, you know that Dreya is a dancer and aerialist in phenomenal shape, and is in several of the P90X videos.

I love this video too! Thanks for reminding me to watch it again! I just can't believe that someone else has my favorite outfit!


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