Eat Pray Love Movie

July 31, 2010

Eat Pray Love

Bunches of us read Elizabeth Gilbert’s book “Eat Pray Love” when it came out, including LilSis and I. We both loved the book, and I think LilSis even read it twice.  I was a little on guard about some of the new age aspects in parts of the book, but they didn’t taint the rest of it for me.

Now, a movie based on the book is coming out in about 2 weeks on August 13th. You know how you have a mental picture of a book’s characters as you’re reading it? Well, I absolutely did not imagine Julia Roberts as the lead character in this great book. I’m actually not even planning to go see the movie because I think the casting might just ruin the whole film for me. I’m not hating on Julia; I think she was entertaining in “Pretty Woman”, but I don’t think she has the depth and the soul that this role calls for.

Eat Pray Love Movie

Am I being overly-skeptical, or do you agree with me?  Who would be a better choice for the lead role in this movie? It could be so GOOD with the right actress!  Who would you choose?


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  1. Posted by LilSis

    August 2, 201010:51 am

    I tend to agree with you. When I heard that Julia Roberts was playing the part, I didn’t think it was a good choice. I’ll probably still go see the movie just out of curiosity, but I can’t imagine it’ll be near as good as the book.

    I imagine someone like Charlize Theron, Kyra Sedgewick or maybe even Reese Witherspoon playing Elizabeth Gilbert but maybe we’ll be pleasantly surprised. :-)

  2. Posted by Cathy - wheresmydamnanswer

    August 4, 20102:43 pm

    I cannot wait to see this movie – This is one role that would be hard to cast but I am sure she will be amazing!

  3. Posted by BigSis

    August 5, 20107:49 am

    I hope you’re right Cathy, and that she does a phenomenal job!

  4. Posted by Kathy

    August 20, 20107:01 pm

    I saw the movie, Julia Roberts was not the right woman for the job, sorry Julia. I think Laura Linney would have been better suited for the role. Movie:good, Book:better.

  5. Posted by BigSis

    August 20, 20107:23 pm

    Hi Kathy, I was AFRAID that would be the case! Darn! I love your suggestion of Laura Linney!

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