Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara

September 13, 2010

Score! I think I’ve found a new mascara to replace the Maybelline Great Lash that I’ve been using for years (up until I recently learned that Maybelline tests their products on animals)!

I happened to be in Macy’s last week and decided to stop and take a peek at the Clinique counter to check out their mascara. After looking over six or seven different choices, I bought the Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara for $14.00 and just kept my fingers crossed that I would like it.

Clinique Lash Building Mascara

Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara

I can’t say that this mascara magnifies your lashes to twice their size, as Clinique claims, but so far, I like the Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara in Black even more than I liked the Great Lash.

It glides on easily because it’s thinner than some mascaras, which is one reason that I liked the Great Lash. This mascara didn’t clump, flake off, or smudge, even after a workout.

I also love the size and the shape of the tapered brush because it separates the lashes nicely and reaches each and every little lash.

(After several uses, you may find that you need to dab off a little product from the point of the brush, but it’s not near as bad as some thick mascaras.)

The best thing about this product, and the reason for me switching mascaras, is that Clinique is on the list of companies that DO NOT test their products on animals.

A couple of months ago, after BigSis revealed the story about the beagles being rescued from a testing lab, she and I both committed to not purchasing any more products from companies that animal test. Unfortunately that list is longer than you may realize. It’s really easy to go to to check out the list of companies that DO test on animals and those that DO NOT test on animals.

I’ve still got a lot of work to do to get my household purged of all products made by companies who animal test, but little by little, as I run out of something, I make sure that I replace it with a product made by a cruelty-free company. :-)


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  1. Posted by Jelly

    September 17, 20114:48 pm

    Clinique is actually animal tested even though they claim they don’t. Some companies lie so watch out! You can always call a company’s number and ask. It’s a legal requirement that they tell the truth

  2. Posted by BigSis

    September 18, 20119:55 am

    Hi Jelly, thanks so much for taking the time to leave us a comment. The animal testing issue is so complicated, and it can be really difficult to sort through the PR that the cosmetic companies put out. Plus there’s SO much info online, it can be challenge to determine what the truth is. We’ve decided to use PETA’s Caring Consumer list as our authority since we trust them to evaluate all that info better than we ever could. As of now they do have Clinique on the “not tested” list. Here’s the link:

    Thanks again for your comment. If you have info that contradicts PETA’s evaluation, please reply with a link. Sharing information is what this is all about!

  3. Posted by Maytee

    June 30, 20158:48 am

    Clinique DOES test on animals!!!!!!

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