Halloween Parade of Pets in Costume

October 31, 2010

Instead of talking about ghosts and goblins or trick-or-treating today, we decided to do something a little more fun!

Let's be honest, doesn't it make you smile when you see a cute little doggie or kitty cat dressed in a costume? 🙂

Without any further delay, let's get this parade started!

Katie in Halloween Princess Dog Costume

Nicki's Katie looking precious in her Princess outfit!

Roxy in Halloween Dog Banana Split Costume

Lisa's Roxy is adorable all dressed up as a Banana Split!

Brady Halloween Devil Cats in Hats Costumes

Kristen's Brady is a beautiful little devil! Where's Jerry, Tom??

Bru Devil Halloween Cats in Hats Costume

Bru also calls Kristen Meowmy, and is another little devil!

Beau Cats in Hats

Lauren's Beau is adorable in his Texas Rangers cap!

Beau Tiger Halloween Cats in Hats

Beau again...now he's working the Tony the Tiger look!

Ashy Halloween Pirate Cats in Hats

BigSis' Ashy as a scary one-eyed pirate! Argghh!

Ashy Halloween Cowboy Costume Cats in Hats

Ashy in his Cowboy ensemble! Git along lil' doggie!

Cats in Hats: Devil TomTom

LilSis' lil devil, TomTom

Cats in Hats: Devil TomTom

He is a pretty lil Devil, isn't he?

Gaby Halloween Pirate Costume Cats in Hats

BigSis' Gaby tries the pirate hat on for size! Love the dreadlocks, Gaby!

Gaby Halloween Pumpkin Costume Cats in Hats

Gaby also models a stylish pumpkin scrunchy collar/necklace!

Gaby Halloween Cowboy Costume Cats in Hats

Gaby makes a very handsome cowboy, don't you think?

Gaby Done Being Halloween Cowboy Cats in Hats

Gaby was apparently WAY over the cowboy look!

(Happy Halloween photo credit: Julicath Flickr Photostream)

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