SPCA Christmas Bake Sale 2010: Done!

December 19, 2010

The 2010 SPCA Christmas Bake Sale is now history!  We held the charity event last Monday, and contributions are still coming in but the total amount raised so far is $3,265.  We're short of our $4,000 goal, but considering all of the obstacles that confronted us this year, we're pretty happy to have raised that amount!  We wanted to beat last year's $4,023 total but we're thankful for what we have.

Our conference room wasn't available this year, so our management company allowed us to use an empty suite on the first floor.  We liked the accessibility of the ground floor space, but the large concrete-floored room presented an ambiance challenge.  We used lots of signs and color, and fabrics on our tables.  The focus was on the goodies available for purchase to benefit the animals anyway, not the interior design, right?

We had a wide selection of cakes, breads, candy, treats, cookies and brownies to choose from.  The biggest change this year was that all 15 items that I baked were vegan, and I was really happy with how they came out.

Here are some photos from our wild and crazy day!

SPCA Bake Sale Cake Bread

Cakes and Breads

SPCA Bake Sale Pound Cake

SisMama's Cream Cheese Pound Cake: DEEEElicious!

SPCA Bake Sale Cookies Brownies

Cookies and Brownies

SPCA Bake Sale Vegan Cookies

Vegan Cookies

SPCA Bake Sale Biscotti

Vegan Cranberry Orange Macadamia Biscotti

SPCA Bake Sale Biscotti Reindeer

Reindeer Bucket O' Biscotti sold out quickly!

SPCA Bake Sale Treats

Treats and more treats

SPCA Bake Sale Santa Treats

Santa's Spiced Pecans surrounded by more goodies!

SPCA Bake Sale Sponsor CityVet

Huge thanks to our first SPCA Bake Sale Sponsor: CityVet!

Thanks to CityVet and to everyone who helped us raise a bunch more money for the SPCA of Texas!  We appreciate you and look forward to next year!


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