New Year’s Southern Tradition

January 2, 2011

I talked about our Southern Tradition for New Year's a couple of years ago, and without fail, this is what we have every year. Sometimes we have it at midnight on New Year's Eve to welcome in the New Year, sometimes it's New Year's Day lunch and sometimes it's both! This year it's going to be both!

Good Luck Black-eyed Peas

Good Luck Black-eyed Peas

Yesterday, we had three hungry sailors here with us for New Year's Dinner, so there was no time for photos once the dinner was ready. This plate was actually my dinner plate from two years ago, but it's the exact same thing we had yesterday and will continue to have every New Year's Day.

New Year's Day Dinner

New Year's Day Dinner

Our peas were gone in record time because I was feeding five hungry men and I don't really feel like I ate a sufficient amount for the amount of good luck I need in 2011.

So… I'm running to the store for more peas to have for lunch today. I'll be counting them to assure that I eat 365 peas! One pea for each day of the year! (It's a little obsessive, I know…but you can't mess with tradition.)

Here's to 2011 being a year filled with good luck and prosperity. 🙂


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