Indian Bridal Glow Mask Top 10 Tips and Photos!

June 1, 2012

Indian Bridal Mask Doctor Oz

Scary, huh? What in the world is going on here?

Remember when I told you about the Indian Bridal Mask a couple of weeks ago? I had seen it on Doctor Oz, and whipped up a batch from turmeric, chickpea flour and almond oil.

Well, I mentioned that I might take photos on my next use of the mask, and LilSis pretty much dared me to show the dirty reality of this process.

So, without further ado – and certainly without any pride or ego – here are the photos I promised/threatened to share!

When I said it was messy, I wasn't kidding and I wasn't exaggerating. You schmear it all over your face and pretty soon it looks like your neon mustard color skin is melting off your bones…

Indian Bridal Mask Eyes

Be sure to avoid your eye area with the mask.

Now that I've been through this process twice, here are my Top 10 Indian Bridal Mask Tips:

  1. Keep the concoction away from your eyes.
  2. Even though the mixture smells kind of interesting, don't eat it!
  3. Mix the ingredients up in a plastic or paper bowl, and use a plastic spoon so you can toss it all in the trash when you're done.
  4. Half or quarter the recipe if you don't want to have a lot of leftovers hanging around. Store any leftover mask in the fridge in a glass container.
  5. Wear gloves when you apply the mask and when you remove it.
  6. Wear old clothes when you do this treatment, just in case! Any miniscule drip or crumb of this mask will cause a HUGE yellow stain.
  7. Protect your sink and application area with paper towels.
  8. Remove the excess product with damp paper towels before you rinse. Don't use a washcloth until all traces of yellow are gone from your face.
  9. When you think your face is clean, rinse it even more. Pay special attention to your eyebrows, hairline, neck and nostrils.
  10. Gather up all of your trash items, and check your bathroom carefully for any stray mask bits before you leave. Examine the bottom of your feet or shoes to make sure you don't track yellow all over your house.

If you follow these tips, your chances of a yellow disaster should be lessened. You'll have nice, smooth, silky skin to enjoy and that makes us girls very, very happy. All of the care that you took with this process will be completely worth it!

Indian Bridal Mask Happy

Happy face…anticipating the silky smooth skin!

PS: I was clearly overdue for botox (7 months) in these photos, and I'm smiling even more now that I just took care of that little issue!


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