Spicy Healing Green Juice Recipe

April 14, 2013

Spicy Healing Green Juice Recipe Produce

I'm obsessed with this spicy healing green juice recipe. I'm one of those people who is either all in or all out. I know nothing of moderation, so it's no surprise that when I juice, I really juice!

I bought my Breville Juicer a couple of years ago, and started juicing every day. I even dove into green juice. I was new to it though, and made some mistakes. To start with, I couldn't really figure out how to integrate juicing into my day, so it didn't become part of my routine.

I like to have a blueberry smoothie every morning. I'm a morning person and I have to have breakfast, so the smoothie gives me something in my tummy first thing, and provides the energy I need to do the things I want to do. I can also take my morning supplements with a smoothie, but they'd be too harsh with just juice, especially green juice.

Then when I get to work, I automatically gravitate toward the Keurig and have 2 or 3 cups of coffee during the morning. So where did juice fit in? Nowhere really. I felt like I was trying to cram it into the day when I didn't even want it.

Besides scheduling, the other challenge I had with my first attempt at juicing was the fruit/veggie balance. I made a rookie mistake and used too much fruit. You know what that means…too much sugar! It's natural sugar but it's still sugar, and that leads to blood sugar peaks and crashes, and cravings for more sugar. Not good. Not what I was going for with juicing.

The bottom line was juicing wasn't working for me. I felt kind of guilty that I had this nice new juicer, but I wasn't seeing the health benefits I was hoping for. I just generally didn't feel great about the whole experience.

So I quit. I told you; I'm all in or all out. My pretty Breville Juicer sat and collected dust for almost 2 years. It stayed on my counter though, and I knew that eventually I'd come back around to it.

Fast forward 2 years. I'd been reading about this new juicing company in town called Vim + Vigor. When they ran a special coupon recently, I grabbed the chance to buy some of their juices and do a 3-day juice cleanse. My favorite of all the blends I got to try was the detoxifying No. 01, which is kale, spinach, romaine, celery, cucumber, apple and lemon. I was shocked at how much I loved that juice.

When the 3 days passed and I was out of Vim + Vigor juice, my body was screaming at me. Get me some green juice now! I was kind of shocked at how good I felt on this juice, whereas my previous juicing experience left me feeling crummy.

The difference? Green juice was a necessary part of my day now. First, a smoothie and supplements. Second, not more than one cup of coffee. Third, green juice mid-morning when my energy starts to wane. Then a healthy big lunch and a light dinner; often raw like a salad or my favorite raw spinach and avocado soup.

The other major difference? I'm using lots of veggies, and just enough fruit to make the juice taste delicious. The general rule – I know now – is 3 veggie parts to every 1 part fruit. That limits the impact on your blood sugar.

Off to the interwebs I went in search of green juice recipes with the ingredients I fell for in No. 01. Finally I came up with the perfect combination for me, and that's what I'm sharing with you today. My green juice recipe is super spicy, healing, delicious and addictive. I'm using ginger, cayenne, lots of lemon, and a touch of salt…all working together to create something I want to drink and actually enjoy the taste of, rather than just choking down a glass of grassy flavors.

I recommend buying organic produce whenever you can, especially with these juice ingredients since all of them (except for lemons) are very susceptible to contamination from pesticides.

Spicy Healing Green Juice Recipe

Spicy Healing Green Juice
(makes about 32 ounces or 2 large servings)

8 large leaves kale
2 giant handfuls spinach
8 large leaves romaine
8 stalks celery
1 large seedless cucumber
2 small Granny Smith apples
2 large lemons
1 small piece ginger
Salt and cayenne to taste, about 1/4 tsp to 1/2 tsp each

Wash all the produce. Remove tough ribs from the kale. Chop the celery and cucumber into big chunks. Core the apples and cut into chunks. Peel the lemons and cut into quarters.

 Spicy Healing Green Juice Prep Recipe

Start juicing! I think I get better yield from everything by juicing slowly, and also by mixing up ingredients with a similar texture. I start with the leafy greens, mixing kale with romaine and spinach. This is what the juice looks like after all the leafies are juiced. Pretty concentrated stuff, right? That's a micro-nutrient powerhouse just chomping at the bit to attack any bad stuff in my system!

Spicy Healing Green Juice Recipe Greens

Once the leafy greens are done, I move onto lemon, cucumber, celery and finally apple.

Spicy Healing Green Juice Recipe ToDo

This recipe makes around 32 ounces, depending on how big your items are. I drink half of the recipe one day and have the rest the next day. Ideally, you'd consume your juice fresh as soon as it's made, but that's just not practical for all of us. If you store your leftover juice in a glass jar, refrigerate it immediately, and use some citrus in the recipe, you'll cut down on the oxidation a little bit.

It's definitely a lot of work to juice, so every other day works best for me. It takes me around 30 minutes to prep the produce and juice it, and then another 15 minutes to take the juicer apart and clean all the components and dishes…

Spicy Healing Green Juice Recipe Mess

and you have this leftover stuff to deal with too:

Spicy Healing Green Juice Recipe Waste

There's actually not that much of it, which makes me really happy! Some people are creative enough to use the pulp in recipes, but I usually donate it to a friend who composts.

I'm really excited about this green juice, and think I'm going to stick with it this time since I'm doing it the right way. If you try my spicy juice or have a favorite recipe of your own, please share! To your health!


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6 Comments so far

  1. Posted by Juicer John

    April 15, 20136:35 pm

    Sounds delicious! But probably a little more lemon that I’d like to try.

    I notice you include cayenne pepper so I know you like your juices spicy. I tried my favorite hot sauce in a green juice a little while ago, and loved it!

    The sauce is made by Pepper Plant (you can google it) and my favorite of their sauces is their habanero. Yeah, I like it spicy too.

    Try one of the Pepper Plant sauces in your juice, just a short dash to start, and add more if you want a little more heat or flavor.

    I will bet you are amazed at how well the Pepper Plant sauces compliment green juice. I find the combination to be amazing!

  2. Posted by BigSis

    April 20, 201312:40 pm

    Hey Juicer John, thanks for your comment. I know I’m a little lemon happy, so my lemon quota might be higher than some people want. I love the brightness it adds to juice, plus it reduces the amount of salt that my palate wants in juice, and it’s alkalizing to the body. I tried my favorite hot sauce – Frank’s Red Hot – in juice the other day, and wasn’t in love with it so maybe I need to try another brand. Thanks again for your comment and for reading BigSisLilSis.

  3. Posted by Helen

    August 29, 20134:52 pm

    Love, love, love, your recipe. Thanks for sharing! However, I am wondering why you need to chop everything if using a Breville. Can’t you juice your ingredients whole? Seems to work for me.

  4. Posted by BigSis

    September 7, 20137:32 pm

    Thanks, Helen! The Breville is powerful, but I like roughly chopping my produce so that it doesn’t have to work too hard. I usually cute my green apples into quarters or eighths, just to make sure they don’t get stuck in the chute. I like my cukes cut into quarters, and celery cut into 3 or 4 pieces. I might be weird and OCD about this; it wouldn’t be the first time! I’m glad you like the recipe; thanks for letting me know!

  5. Posted by Laura

    October 12, 201312:35 pm

    This is just the exact same recipe from the movie made 2 years ago called fat sick and nearly dead …

  6. Posted by Melody

    January 29, 201411:52 am

    Sounds good! You can recycle your plastic grocery bags by lining the pulp catcher with them – SO convenient, and one less thing to wash. OR, if you have a garden, you can do a cold compost by tossing the pulp and other kitchen scraps into a blender (hopefully something powerful like a Vitamix, but if not, just blend in small batches) with a bit of water, make a soupy brew, and using it to fertilize your garden without tending to a compost pile – just dig a small trench alongside the roots, dump the stuff in the trench, and cover with dirt. I got that idea from another website and I have yet to try it, but it’s definitely at the top of my list.

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