Emergency Bake Sale for In-Sync Exotics

July 15, 2013

Apollo from In-Sync Exotics


We've done our Christmas bake sale the last two years for In-Sync Exotics. We've been thrilled to support In-Sync, since we're huge cat lovers and they do such amazing work. In my opinion, In-Sync is holy ground, and that's not something I say lightly.

In this economy, it's rough for any non-profit to keep things going, even when things are kind of normal in their world. Last month, however, things took a horrific turn at In-Sync when their lions and tigers were hit with a random outbreak of Canine Distemper, probably spread by an infected raccoon. As of today, we have lost two tigers – Apollo and Abrams – and one lioness; Layla.

This Thursday, we are holding an emergency bake sale to assist in any way we can with the enormous costs incurred over the last few weeks. Volunteers and staff are working 24/7, caring for and treating all of the cats at risk. The financial and emotional and physical burdens have been overwhelming.

We can't fix this, but we can do what we know, which is bake to try to help ease a teeny tiny bit of the financial burden. If you're in the Dallas area, please join us. We have a sponsor who will match the proceeds of the event 100%.

The sale will be in the lobby of the Premier Place building at 5910 North Central Expressway, near I75 and Mockingbird Lane. If you have any questions, email us at kittybakesale (at) hotmail (dot) com. If you're not local, please go to In-Sync Exotics web site to contribute to the work they're doing.

Thanks in advance for your support.


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  1. Posted by Tiffany

    July 16, 20136:46 pm

    what time?

  2. Posted by Bella

    July 16, 20136:49 pm

    Hi, what time will the bake sale be held? Thanks!


  1. Posted by casino

    January 26, 201611:25 pm

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