Dorm Room Organizers

August 20, 2009

I called this post Dorm Room Organizers, but these ideas could be used in any student's room or anyone's office.  I can personally ALWAYS use more organizers.  I'm a little bit of a fanatic about them…ok, a lot fanatic.  One perfect obsessive example is my pantry.

But enough about me.  Back to the organizers.  You say organizer, I say Container Store!  Oh, sweet mystery of life, at last I've found you!  I adore Container Store.  And you may know it's the #1 company to work for, at least in Texas.  Their employees seem so darn happy, don't they?  I think I would be if I worked in organizer mecca, however, I wouldn't be happy when payday rolled around because I would owe the company money.

First of all, the Happy Organized Home Sale is running until September 7th.  My favorites:  Those skinny huggable hangers for $6.99 ($3 off) and their slim folding step stool for $19.99 ($10 off).

Back to back-to-school!  You see how easily I'm distracted in this place!  As always, Container Store has some incredibly cool things for your back to school organizing needs.  I love their organizing tips section for back to school.  You can shop by closet, walls & doors, desk, laundry, bath or storage.  Or you can search by your style of dorm: artistic expression, booksmart, a natural fit, high fidelity, big ideas or fashion forward.  Choose natural fit, for example, and you get this:

Container Store Natural Fit

Container Store Natural Fit

Gorgeous, isn't it?  Below the photo, you get a list of all the products used, along with their prices.  I'm loving the bamboo clothing rack ($129) and the coordinating magnet bamboo boards ($14.99 each).

Container Store Mini Mantel

Container Store Mini Mantel

Also, in the category of things-you-didn't-know-you-need-but-now-must-have is this little mini mantel ($14.99) that grips onto your bed post.  This would be perfect if your dorm room didn't have room for a nightstand.

And before we leave Container Store, don't forget all of the awesome Elfa carts that make organizing simple.

And, one last thing.  There is a really cool web site that you must check out if you're an organizing junkie like me.  It's Jeri's Decluttering and Organizing News.  She's done posts recently on cool ideas in cork bulletin boards and on memo boards with pretty fabric coverings. Love these!

That's it for today, gang!  Now get out there and organize something!


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