How ’bout a big, fat Fatburger?

October 22, 2009

Have you ever heard of Fatburger? Or maybe a better question would be “have you ever eaten a Fatburger?” I had never even heard of Fatburger until we saw The Fatmobile that was stationed inside the Exhibit Hall at BlogWorld in Vegas.

I was surprised when I put my zip code into the search box on Fatburger and found out that there are two locations within 30 minutes from my house. You can also go to a Store List where you’ll find their locations listed by state.

Fatburger Fatmobile

Fatburger Fatmobile

Just take a look at this burger! I’d be lying if I said that I wouldn’t love to sink my teeth into this 24 oz. Triple King cheeseburger!  (Maybe just one nice BIG bite!)

I rarely eat hamburgers, but don’t get me wrong, it’s not because I don’t love them! I’m just really having to watch my calories and fat intake these days. If you’re thinking you might want to give one of these a try, take a peek at the Fatburger Nutritional Facts first. And notice that there is no info on the Triple King!

Fatburger Triple King

Could you eat this Fatburger Triple King?

On the last day of BlogWorld, as we were browsing through the vendor booths, BigSis and I happened to walk by the Fatmobile as they were having a Fatburger eating contest. As you can tell by the photo, by the time we showed up on the scene, most of the contestants were slowing down a bit.  I wish we could have gotten a photo of the winner but there was quite a crowd of curious spectators surrounding this Fatburger eating contest.

1 chewing, 1 contemplating, 1 looking to Heaven for help

1 chewing, 1 contemplating, 1 looking to Heaven for help

I was lucky enough to try a tiny sample of a Fatburger. (Okay, I’ll be honest, I had two.) As most of you probably know, BigSis doesn’t eat critters, so she couldn’t enjoy one of the tasty little treats. First, and most importantly, the beef was very lean and grilled perfectly. I also love that they toast their buns. Not everyone likes a toasted bun on a burger, but I do.

Call me weird, but I like mayo on my burger so I wasn’t totally in love with their sauce. It reminded me of the Jack in the Box secret sauce that seems to be something like ketchup, miracle whip and sweet pickle relish all mixed together, but I could be wrong. I also prefer dill pickles instead of sweet ones, so I did scrape most of that off of my tiny bite.

I might have a different opinion if I had been able to taste a bite of a Triple King. If I’m going to eat a burger, I’d rather have it smaller in size but still a double because I prefer to have more meat than bun.

Bottom line, Fatburger still gets a thumbs up from me. I can’t say that I’ll be eating them often, but I may take HayHay for a Triple King one day for a treat.


Highlights of BlogWorld 2009

October 21, 2009

Blog World Banner

What a time we had at BlogWorld!  We won’t bore you with all of the blow-by-blow details, but we’d be crummy selfish friends if we didn’t share the highlights of the conference with you!  You can go to our flickr photostream to see more photos.

  • It was incredible to be involved with the new Guinness World Record for the most social mentions in 24 hours.  The goal was to raise money for cancer.  For every tweet, facebook update or blog post mentioning #beatcancer, 1¢ was donated by ebay/paypal and Miller/Coors.  Over $70,000 was raised.  That’s over 7 million mentions in just 1 day!
Jermaine Dupri at BlogWorld

Jermaine Dupri at BlogWorld

  • The keynote panel on “New Celebrity” was moderated by Brian Solis and featured Robin from the Pussycat Dolls (?), producer and Grammy winner Jermaine Dupri, singer Matt Goss, Don Lemon from CNN and Anthony Edwards.  Quite a diverse group, wouldn’t you say?  That diversity ended up with a bunch of sparks flying around that we could have done without.  On the positive side though, Anthony was totally likable, and spoke sincerely and passionately about his cause Shoe4Africa.  Very smart of him to make friends with a bunch of big-mouths like us bloggers!
Anthony Edwards at BlogWorld

Anthony Edwards at BlogWorld

  • We were really impressed with what Chris Brogan had to say.  Just wisdom from this expert; no BS!  We need to read his New York Times Bestseller “Trust Agents“.
  • The final keynote session was moderated by Guy Kawasaki with Jenny the Bloggess, Kevin Pollack, and Chad Vader.  It was pretty funny, although I’d say a few too many f-bombs for my taste.  But Jenny was hilarious and totally held her own as the only woman on the panel!  Check out her stories on the alien apocalypse and William Shatner.  Go Jenny!
  • We had a chance to chat with Lou Mongello from wdwradio, and got some great input on wherever the heck it is that BigSisLilSis are going.  Thanks for your thoughts, Lou!  All the best to you with
  • And lastly, we had the awesome opportunity to meet Darren Rowse.  Yes, THE ProBlogger!  In person.  😀   Woo hoo!  Seriously, we didn’t want to leave BlogWorld without meeting Darren because of the enormous respect we have for him, his expertise, and the way he conducts his business…with total integrity.  So we send a HUGE thank you to Darren for kindly tolerating our gushing, and giving us some extremely valuable input that we’re going to be acting on asap!  THANK YOU!

Oh, and the big surprise that we mentioned yesterday?  It’s a direct result of the ideas and encouragement from Lou and Darren.  Whatever could it be?  😀


4 Days 2 Bloggers 1 Giant Mess

October 20, 2009

We’re back!  We both flew back to our homes last night after 4 days at BlogWorld in Las Vegas, and you can bet that we have lots to tell you about that long weekend!

Can you even begin to imagine how much stuff it takes for 2 blogging women to get through 4 days of work and fun in Las Vegas?  These photos will give you an idea of what our room looked like!  Just imagine a bomb going off in both our suitcases!

Here’s the bathroom we shared at the Renaissance…

Vegas Bathroom Mess

Vegas Bathroom Mess

and the desk we shared when we moved over to Caesar’s Palace…

Vegas Desk Mess

Vegas Desk Mess

Somehow we managed to pack all that cr*p back into our bags and get home with it all, plus a bunch of business cards, marketing materials from vendors and swag from the show!

We’re going to have gobs more on BlogWorld this week (plus a big surprise) so don’t go anywhere!


Blog World & New Media 2009

October 15, 2009

Today is a big day for us!  This morning, I’m hopping on a plane to meet BigSis in Vegas, where we’ll be attending the BlogWorld & New Media Expo 2009. We’ve been planning this trip for months so we’re really excited that the much-anticipated day is finally here!


We’ve been studying like crazy to prepare ourselves for all that we hope to learn this weekend at the Expo. And, we’re secretly (ok, not so secretly now) hoping to meet Darren Rowse, the infamous ProBlogger. I’d also like to meet the zany, Jenny of The Bloggess. And, we’re both curious about Anthony Edwards being a Keynote Speaker.

We’re going to be extremely busy with morning til night sessions and plan to crash a few ‘After Parties’, so if something exciting happens, you can bet we’ll be Tweeting about it! If you aren’t already following us, just go to the right sidebar and Follow BigSis and LilSis. We promise not to bore you with what time we get up, what we eat for breakfast or what time we get in from the casinos; just maybe a couple of quick Tweets about our adventures and misadventures!  We’ll also be putting up our photos on flickr.  You can find our photostream at

And, if time permits, we’ll throw up a post or two from Vegas so stay tuned for more on our BigSisLilSis adventure @ Blog World in Vegas!  Look out Vegas; here come the sisters!


BlogWorld is 4 weeks away!

September 19, 2009

BlogWorld Expo

Are you going to BlogWorld Expo?  We hope so!  We’re going and are SO excited about it.  It’s just 4 weeks away now…October 15-17.

If you want to go, the discounted registration pricing has been extended to September 21st.  That’s Monday, so you don’t have long.  Go to the BlogWorld Expo registration page and get yourself signed up asap.  The discounted weekend pass for Friday and Saturday sessions is $395, and will go up to $495 once the discount expires.

There are also some discounted $69 rooms left at the Hilton, but that pricing is only good til October 1st, if the rooms last that long.

Not sold on the value of BlogWorld Expo?  Check out the agenda for this year’s sessions.  There are some pretty heavy hitters scheduled to speak:  Darren Rowse, Chris Brogan, John Chow, and Cali Lewis, just for starters!  And the Keynote Speakers haven’t even been named yet, so who knows!

For more info, get yourselves over to the BlogWorld site.  You can also check out twitter #bwe09 and flickr tag blogworld09.

If you make plans to attend, please let us know!


Come to BlogWorld Expo with us!

June 20, 2009

Be there or be square!

Be there or be square!

Hey, all you cyber-sisters and brothers!  Are you going to the BlogWorld Expo in Las Vegas in October?  BigSis and LilSis will be there with bells on, and we would LOVE to meet you there!

Here’s the scoopage that you need to know right now:

  • The Blogging Conference is October 16-17.  The New Media Pre-Conference is the 15th, if that’s your thing.
  • The early bird discount for registration expires on July 1st so you have just a few days to get your act together.  The early bird rate for the 2 days is $300.  It will go up to $395 on July 1st, and then $495 on September 14th, so it’s definitely worth it to get your plans made now.
  • Hotel information is out too, so check out the 3 hotels with special rates.
  • The 2009 schedule is still being finalized, but peruse the 2008 Conference Schedule if you’d like to get an inkling of what could be in store for us this year.

We’ll talk more about this as the weeks go on, but we are really really excited about this!  If you’re planning to be there, please let us know!  How fun would it be to get to meet up with folks we’ve only talked to through our blogs?!


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Bigsislilsis topics for 2009

January 4, 2009

Once again, I think we’re on the same page, BigSis!  Those are all favorite topics of mine.

  • MAC is definitely one of my favorite topics to discuss. I can’t get enough MAC! I’m not sure if anyone enjoys reading about our little obsession as much as we like talking about it, but I hope so, because we will keep talking about MAC Cosmetics in 2009!
  • mac-shadows11Maybe in 2009, we can share some great ideas on color combinations and more instructional videos. I loved the videos that you shared from MissChevious. And I definitely think most women our age are looking for good skin care and beauty products that actually work! We need to continue on our quest to discover the best anti-cellulite product!
  • For 2009, I can’t decide if I’m going to leave all the baking to you, or if I’m going to challenge myself to improve on my baking skills. I do get inspired when I read some of our favorite food blogs like  Cookie Madness, Culinary Concoctions by Peabody, The Recipe Girl, Baking Blonde, Bakerella, and Martha but baking doesn’t come natural to me. I need to decide if I’m up for the challenge! (Oh, by the way, is a bee in the bonnet kind of like ants in your pants?) tee hee
  • But seriously, I am on a mission to find lots and lots of healthy, low fat, tasty recipes to start off this New Year. I’m much better at substituting and revising recipes in cooking versus baking!  I also need to make sure that I’m not trying to take the photos with HayHay standing over me with a plate and fork in hand! It doesn’t make for good photography when you’re in a rush!
  • I definitely want to talk about fitness and getting healthy for 2009! I want to eat as healthy as possible, kick up the exercise a notch or two and take my vitamins and supplements every day. I really want to continue to look for new ways to work on improving brain health. Anything we can do as “forty somethings” to keep our ‘mind’ alert and the ‘ole bod’ from going south is a good thing.

Oh, and we can’t forget that we’ll be talking about BlogWorld 2009 since we WILL be attending this year!

I’m really happy with what we’ve accomplished with our blog during the short time we were “live” in 2008 and I’m very excited about 2009.  I know we would both love to hear comments from any of our readers about their favorite topics.


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