Cirque du Soleil’s Zumanity: Review

October 25, 2009

In our last post, you were able to catch a little glimpse of us sisters playing around in the Zumanity gift shop. Well, after a lot of thought and many discussions on the subject, plus some expert advice, BigSis and I have decided to bust out from behind the caricatures and expose our real faces!

LilSis and BigSis at Elton's Red Piano

LilSis and BigSis at Elton's Red Piano

What better time to reveal ourselves than when we’re talking about Zumanity!  You can’t get much any more revealing than that!

This photo was taken at the Elton John Red Piano Concert a few years ago. This was a very special occasion for us as SisMama treated us to the concert and then it ended up being the last trip with were able to take with our Dad.  This is the actual photo we sent to the awesome artist, India Kalff, who designed our header and spent oodles of time helping us with the design of BigSisLilSis.

So, now that you know what we really look like, we thought we’d just go for it and make our very first EVER videos. Why the heck not!  We’re brave girls, huh?  Be kind!  😀  We’re just winging it and having fun!

In this first video, we were on our way to see Zumanity and were really, really excited, and a little nervous/worried, so we forgot to introduce ourselves. In case you hadn’t figured it out, BigSis is brunette and LilSis is blonde.  (No makin’ fun of the accents, okay??  You already know we’re from Texas!)

If we were asked to sum up our thoughts about the Zumanity show in one word, it would be WOW!  In all reality, we were a little stunned after the show and could barely even get one word out. Check it out! (Oh, and notice the creepy lurking guy peaking through the show poster behind us.)  :-)

When we finally snapped out of our Zumanity-induced trances, we did a second “after the show” video with a few more words!

We both really enjoyed and appreciated some aspects of the show.  It is unlike anything either one of us has ever seen, or will see again. The production was incredible and beyond stunning; including the costumes (designed by Thierry Mugler), choreography, contortionism, acrobatics, music, and staging.  It was all truly superb.

One of our favorite performances was the Waterbowl. These two young women swam around in that bowl and performed out of it like they were dolphins.  It was absolutely mesmerizing.  (We added the red heart to the photo so you wouldn’t have to see everything that we saw.  BTW, they do have on itty-bitty undies.)

Zumanity Waterbowl

Zumanity Waterbowl

In all seriousness, to say that Zumanity took this show as far as they could possibly push the envelope – even for Vegas – is an understatement. It’s definitely NOT for everyone. There is a LOT of nudity, plus a drag diva emcee, a kiss between two men, suggestions of lesbianism, and simulations of sex acts that will pretty much curl your hair.  Plus other stuff that we won’t even mention!  We’re still not sure what the scary little horned goat/man creature was about; maybe we don’t want to know!

While Zumanity features incredibly talented people and unbelievable performances, make no mistake about it – this is a very sexually-explicit show. If you choose to see it, be prepared to be shocked at the sexuality and amazed at the performances at the same time.

One last word of advice. Do. Not. Sit. On. The. Front. Row. And don’t make eye contact with any of the characters that roam around. Unless of course, you would enjoy being dragged on stage to have strange men and/or women take your clothes off and perform very suggestive things on you (or to you).

All in all…we guess the final question should be, “would we see it again?”  LilSis says “yes”. BigSis says “nope, once is more than plenty”.  If you’re thinking about seeing this show, we suggest you go to YouTube and investigate some of the videos there so you can make an informed decision.  As for us, we’d really like to see some other Cirque shows since we have a huge appreciation for the athleticism and talent we saw in Zumanity.

*Disclosure: BigSis and LilSis received free press tickets from Cirque du Soleil, with the understanding that we would tweet or post about the show. As you can see, we were very honest about our opinions!

Guess Who Saw Zumanity?

October 24, 2009

We’ve talked a lot about Las Vegas this past week, but we’re not quite finished yet!  We have more to tell you!

On our last night in Vegas, we had free tickets to see “Zumanity; The Sensual Side of Cirque du Soleil”.  And, sensual it was! Wowee!  We’ll be reviewing the show shortly, but here’s a little sneak peek at the real BigSis and LilSis playing around in the Zumanity gift shop.

LilSis in mask

BigSis Zumanity Eyes

This shop was full of fun items: t-shirts, masks, sunglasses, and also lots of sketchy stuff that we WON’T show you!

Don’t forget to come back for the Zumanity review in our next post.  Pssst…here’s a secret.  It’s going to be a video!  Our first video ever! 😀

PS: Just a reminder that BigSisLilSis is still PINK for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Don’t forget to support your local breast cancer charities!

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