What the “L”?!

October 21, 2008

What the “L” is BigSis up to?

  • Lunching on the new Barilla Piccolini; cute little baby bow ties that are a tasty fun way to stay on this darn bland diet.
  • Leafing through the new Allure October issue with their editors' Best of Beauty Products feature.
  • Lecturing coworkers about the importance of passing Proposition 2 in California.
  • Limiting my desire to hoard every last package of Mother's Coconut Cocadas cookies since the company folded after 92 years in business.  Sniff!  You may still be able to find some Cocadas and pink sprinkly Circus Animals cookies on store shelves, but don't dawdle!
  • Lazing around watching my favorite Food Network show “Barefoot Contessa“.  This lady really cooks, and her cookbooks are fabulous!
  • Loving the Green Chili and Garlic Goat cheese from La Cuesta Farm in Texas.  I bought it over the summer from the Farmer's Market, now I have to go to Central Market for it.

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