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BigSis LilSis at Elton John's Red Piano

LilSis and BigSis at Elton John's Red Piano

Imagine two sisters who celebrate being over forty, and who are separated by 3.4 years in age and 1,300 miles in distance. Give them completely different lives, backgrounds, and experiences. What could they possibly have to talk about? Plenty!

We’re BigSis and LilSis, and we talk about the things that make us individual and different, but also the things we share in common. We compare beauty products, recipes, anti-aging treatments, and what works for each of us in our quest to live a fit, healthy and responsible lifestyle that's still fun!

We're both dedicated to purging our lives of animal-tested products, and living a life that does as little harm to others and the planet as possible.  We also share our love for God, family, animals, health, fitness, shopping, music, food, and creativity.

We don't claim to be experts in any one thing, but what we do know is what women care about and like to talk about.  That's what we love to share with you here on BigSisLilSis.

We pray for a day when diseases like Alzheimers, melanoma, heart disease, and cancer are all a thing of the past. We talk about hope and optimism, and the precious fragility of life.

When we lost our dad in 2007, that fragility smacked us in the face, and caused us to reevaluate everything.  We agree that we’re choosing to live today for today, and not regret yesterday or worry about tomorrow. We want to live with the expectation that today is all we have, and we’re going to celebrate it and not delay the things that are important to us. We love what Dave Matthews said in “Two Step”:

“Celebrate we will, for life is short but sweet for certain”

That brings us to BigSisLilSis. We have things to share and we want to do it now. We’re as different as we can be and as alike as we can be. We’re sisters, we’re friends, and we love to talk!  We would love to talk to you, so please come hang out with us for a bit whenever you can!

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