Sister Showdown: Eye Cream

November 10, 2008

I never start the day or end the day without using an eye cream or serum, but I am actually not completely satisfied with my eye product situation right now, so I'm on the prowl for something new since the Chanel eye cream I used to use was discontinued.

  • My morning eye treatment was recommended to me by the esthetician at my dermatologist's office, and I've been pretty happy with it.  It's Replenix Intensive Eye Lightening Serum.  I don't have much problem with dark circles, which this says it will address, but it's also supposed to tighten and firm the under-eye area, and I think it does a good job of that.  In BigSis' Perfect Eye Cream World, it would just be a little bit more moisturizing.  At skincarerx, I pay $54.95 for it.
  • I like for my nighttime eye cream to very hydrating, but not make my eyes puffy, which most eye creams will do to me.  Currently, I'm using Loreal Skin Genesis Multi-Layer Cell Strengthening Daily Treatment Eye Serum.  Is that a big name for an eye cream, or what?  The price tag is pleasingly small though, at less than $20 at discount stores. I read about it on makeupalley, and it got great reviews.  It's performed well, but I think I need a little bit more oomph from my nighttime eye cream.

    Loreal Skin Genesis Eye Serum

    Loreal Skin Genesis Eye Serum

  • According to the Best of Beauty feature in the October issue of Allure magazine, the best anti-wrinkle eye cream is Relastin Eye Silk ($69) so that one may be worth a try.  There are 15 reviews for it on, and the only 2 negative ones were about packaging and that the product didn't last 60 days.
  • I do have to give a big thumbs-up to my all time favorite eye makeup remover, Lancome BiFacil.  I've tried the highly-recommended drugstore brands to save some money, because the BiFacil is a pricey little product in my opinion ($26), but the less expensive products seem to dry out the skin around my eyes, and that's not good!  So I always go back to BiFacil.  NOTHING clears eye makeup away like it does, even waterproof mascara, and it never causes clogged pores or eye irritation.  It's one of BigSis' Hall of Fame Beauty Products!

So, LilSis, give me the lowdown on your current eye cream favorites.  I could use some guidance!