How are Peeps Made??

April 10, 2009


Why eat just yellow peeps when you have this selection?

Have you ever thought about how all those little Peeps come to be? Wonder no more. The Chicago Tribune has provided a Peeps slide show that reveals all of the secrets about the sugary little guys.

Freshly Hatched Peeps

Freshly Hatched Peeps

The Washington Post got in the Peeps Game too.  They have an annual contest called the Peep Show, that features the creative work that folks do with Peeps.  You have to check this out.  I love the Peeps in bikinis, Project Peepway, Peeps Idol, and SpongeBob SquarePants Peeps!

Personally, I’m a chocolate bunny or Cadbury Egg kind of a girl, since only chocolate is worthy of the calories spent on candy in my opinion, but to each his own!  Enjoy the Peep Show!


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  1. Posted by J

    April 10, 20117:44 pm


  2. Posted by LilSis

    April 12, 20111:58 pm

    There is something fun about these little creatures. I always buy some for my son at Easter even though he is a teenager; they’re still fun to eat! :-)

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