Big Boy Room

August 17, 2009

I love all those great ideas for decorating dorm rooms that BigSis just shared with us. It’s nice to know that there are some retailers that make it easy and affordable for us to get just about everything we need in a one-stop shopping trip. Luckily, we’ve got three years to go before we have to prepare for that big move!

Honestly, it seems like school just let out for the Summer and here we are talking about getting organized to send the kiddos back to school.  When we talk about how fast time flies, here’s a perfect example. Last year right before HayHay was about to enter his Freshman year of High School, we all of a sudden noticed that he was literally growing out of his bed.

Well, I wonder why? We bought the bunk beds when he was four years old! So, one day he’s a little four year old with brand new bunk beds and the next time I turn around, he’s a 5’8″ fourteen year old sleeping on a little twin bed. (You gotta give him credit, he never complained or even mentioned that his feet were hanging off his mattress.) I just ran across the photos that I took for my ad .

Here’s what he was sleeping in just last year.


And here was his cute little desk on the end.


I don’t even think he could sit in that little chair and fit under the desk!

After one trip to IKEA and some fresh new paint colors, here’s what the Big Boy Room looks like now.

Hays room

The IKEA bed, dresser, and nightstand are all from the Hemnes collection. The bed was $299, the dresser was $299 and the nightstand was under $100.


We got the Quick Silver comforter, sheet set, pillow cases, shams and two pillows at Bed, Bath and Beyond all in one “Bed in a Bag” for under $200.00. They may not have the exact set right now, but I know they have some awesome deals going on for bedding.


Finally, drawers big enough to hold big boy clothes.

Led Zeppelin

Yes, the Led Zeppelin wall covering is a ‘hand me down’ from BigT.

Rugrats pillowcase

But, I love that he still loves his Rugrat pillowcase!  :-)

I’m not crazy about posters being hung all over the room with thumbtacks, but HayHay managed to do this himself without asking and I’ve decided that I need to choose my battles.

We never did totally finish his room, so that’s one of our projects for this week. We’re going to head back to IKEA to try to find shelves for his trophies and some sort of storage unit for all his sports memorabilia and his collection of hats. And, if I find some reasonably priced frames, maybe I can convince him that his surf posters would look better if they were framed.

While at IKEA, I’m going to try to focus on buying just what we need to finish up his room, but in looking through the new 2010 catalog, I’m going to be tempted to browse through the home organization section and the office workspace area.

There’s something about getting the kids ready to go back to school that makes me want to reorganized all the cabinets and drawers in preparation for the school books that have to stay at the house and all the new school supplies. I love shopping for school supplies! I probably haven’t mentioned it lately, but I do have an office supply fetish. (I could get lost in Staples for hours.)

If I find any amazing bargains or any fun, new items, I’ll be back later this week to share them with you.


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6 Comments so far

  1. Posted by grace

    August 18, 20099:06 am

    i HAVE gotten lost in staples for hours. target is even worse. would you believe i’ve never been to ikea? i suspect i could waste a lot of time there too. i like the room, but i LOVE the rugrats pillow case. :)
    .-= grace´s last blog post … behold, the power of butterscotch pudding =-.

  2. Posted by LilSis

    August 18, 20092:06 pm

    Hi Grace,
    I’m glad to hear that someone else loves Staples. Sometimes we think we’re a bit strange since we both have an office supply fetish. And, I do love Target, too!

    Be prepared if you ever do go to IKEA, it is a time consuming trip as they direct you through the store on their little path, almost like your on a tour or something. I haven’t quite figured out how to roam around freely in there. :-)

  3. Posted by BigSis

    August 18, 20095:05 pm

    Hey LilSis and Grace,

    The first time I went in IKEA with a friend, we were in there for 5 HOURS! No kidding. I’m with you on the love for office supplies and Target too. I like the Wally Mart, but Target is just so stylish and usually less crowded!

  4. Posted by Chris

    October 27, 20098:24 am

    The only reason I spent five hours in Ikea is the fact that I couldnt find my way out! It is amazing how you can transform a room with some paint and some new furniture though.
    .-= Chris´s last blog post … Kids Bunk Beds =-.

  5. Posted by JSmith

    October 15, 201010:52 am

    I just purchased the IKEA funiture that you did and it has not been delivered yet. I was curious to know how big is your room. I am just wondering if there will be any room left after i put everything in :)
    thanks so much.

  6. Posted by LilSis

    October 15, 201012:02 pm

    Hi Jen,
    His room is probably only a 12 x 12 and he still has plenty of room on each side of the bed. He loves this furniture.

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