Gooey Apple Cake

October 12, 2009

I made the grievous error of going to Sam's Club the other day when I was really hungry.  You know how that goes…you buy everything you see.  Weird thing is that this time I was just buying massive quantities of produce instead of the junk that usually calls your name when you're shopping hungry.  So I ended up with – among other things – a nice big bag of 8 Fuji apples.  Could I ever in my life eat 8 apples before they went bad?  Heck, no.  I don't know what I was thinking.

I did have to get thinking about how to use all those apples when it became clear their number wasn't diminishing on the counter.  The first thing that came to mind was an apple cake since it's fall now.  I grabbed my King Arthur Flour Baker's Companion and chose their Apple Cake.  Bad thing is it only took 2 of the apples; good thing is they didn't have to be peeled!

The cake is gone now, and I'm still not sure if it came out right or not.  I really need to email the folks at KAF.  The recipe called for a little over two cups of flour and a couple of sugar, but the only moisture was from 2 eggs and a soft stick of butter.  When the recipe said to turn the batter into the pan, I didn't have batter.  I had a sandy sugar/flour mixture that looked more like a shortbread crust than a cake batter.

I scoured the internet, looking for a clue as to what might have gone wrong, if it did.  I couldn't find any online recipe corrections, or anyone discussing any issues with this recipe.  So, not knowing what else to do, I went ahead and baked the apple sand, hoping for the best but expecting a mess.

Apple Cake

Apple Cake…as it should be?

I baked it for 45 minutes as directed since I had no idea of what it should look like once it was done.  As the apples cooked, they gave off some moisture of course, and the pan did start to look a bit like a cake.

In the end, when it was done and cooled, the cake was gooey and I presented it to my coworkers as an “Apple Cake/Cobbler/Sort of a Thing” that should be nuked for a few seconds and eaten warm.  The flavor was really good, but the appearance was a little…ummm…rustic?  The whole cake was eaten, but in all honesty, some of my coworkers would eat cat food on a cracker.

I'm still wondering what happened.  I did leave out the crystallized ginger since I don't like it, the raisins since I'm allergic, and the nuts since I was out, but I don't think any of those changes could have caused the weirdness I experienced.  Other than that, I'm 100% sure that I followed the recipe exactly.  If I messed this up, or if it's supposed to be this way, that's ok.  I just want to know!  Have any of you tried this recipe?  If so, how'd it come out?

Gooey Apple Cake

Super Gooey Apple Cake

BTW, if you do the math, I still had 6 apples to deal with so I made a batch of crockpot apple butter last weekend.  Guess how that came out…


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  1. Posted by grace

    October 12, 20098:02 am

    “some of my coworkers would eat cat food on a cracker”–ha! mine too!
    i haven’t made this particular cake, but i must say, it looks completely appealing to me. i love goo.
    .-= grace´s last blog post … the picture of purity =-.

  2. Posted by BigSis

    October 12, 20097:21 pm

    Thanks, Grace! I think it was better than cat food on a cracker, but it certainly didn’t earn its way into my “sweet successes” binder of recipes that I make over and over again! Now, the apple butter I just made is another story…

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