Ten in 10 Challenge: Week Three was Good!

January 23, 2010

Week three in the Ten in 10 Challenge was a good week for me. I feel good; and basically that’s what this challenge is all about; making 2010 a healthy and happy year. Here are a few things I learned this past week.

  • Before this challenge started, I had a pretty good workout routine, but never had it in writing. Some days I would walk and some days I would go to the gym, but always at different times of the day; whenever I could squeeze it in. Now, I’ve discovered that I really like having my weekly exercise plan written down. I know what I’m doing that morning and I know what time I’m doing it. And, it was pretty easy to stick to it. I just had to organize my work schedule around my exercise schedule. (Luckily, I’m able to do that right now.)
  • It’s really interesting to try different yoga classes and experience different instructors’ styles. In my class at the Y on Monday, the instructor taught us how to incorporate the use of a tall rattan pole into our practice. Last week, he used straps. Not knowing what to expect in his class makes it more fun! Then on Friday, I was a little disappointed when I saw a sub come into the classroom. I was thinking to myself, is she going to be any good? (Be careful what you think to yourself.) I could barely keep up! She was harder and faster than our normal instructor. I thoroughly got my fanny kicked that day!
  • I’m really happy about getting back into the routine of making my meal plan for the week, writing it down and doing all the shopping on Sunday. It’s made life a little less hectic when it comes time for dinner. And, I really like keeping my food log. I wasn’t sure if I could stick to it, but this little fitbook is really making it fun and easy to do. I love being able to give myself a happy face when I’ve had a healthy meal.
  • My family really loves brussel sprouts! I’ve tried a different recipe each week and they love them! Yay! Another green veggie to add to our weekly menu. I had a little obsession about having to eat something green with every meal.
  • I finally found a White Turkey Chili Recipe that my guys love. I’ll share the recipe with you later this week.
  • I actually can survive on the “no beer during the week” rule.

I feel like I lost at least a pound this week, but chose not to get on the scale yesterday. I know myself well enough to know that during this time of the month, the scale is usually up three pounds. (Sorry if that’s too much info.) I didn’t want to get discouraged, so I’ll get back on the silly scale next Friday.

I’ve tried really hard to keep negativity away from me this week. I had a little unwanted drama try to creep in this week, but I finally had to set a boundary and tell that person that I can’t talk to them right now. I have to surround myself with positive people and positive energy this year. We’ve got a lot of changes going on with our business and I’m  trying to launch something new which is requiring a lot of time learning some things outside of my comfort zone. In order to be as productive as possible, I’ve decided that I just don’t have time for negative people in my life.

I hope everyone had a happy, successful week! I’m looking forward to week four and to reading all the updates from other participants. Even if you aren’t doing a weekly update on your blog, I’d love to hear from you. So, leave me a comment and let me know about your week!


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  1. Posted by grace

    January 24, 20102:58 pm

    since you shared, i’ll feel comfortable saying that during aunt flo’s visit with me, my weight fluctuates widely. something to do with water retention, yes? i think it was wise of you to skip the scale. :)

  2. Posted by noble pig

    January 24, 20104:27 pm

    Good for you and I agree about the negative folks, I’ve gotten rid of many of them!!
    .-= noble pig´s last blog post … Bloody Mary Soup =-.

  3. Posted by LilSis

    January 24, 20108:48 pm

    Grace, you crack me up!! Yep, when Aunt Flo visits, the scale is not kind… I actually went a little crazy on Saturday and ate a boatload of pretzels and cheese to celebrate ‘weekend rules’. It wasn’t pretty this morning! :-(

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