Welcome to Texas, Trader Joe’s!

June 17, 2012

I couldn't stand it.  The first Trader Joe's store in the entire big state of Texas opened a full 48 hours ago, and I hadn't been yet. Regardless of the parking chaos and the packed aisles, I had to go. Happy day, oh happy, happy day!

The new store is in Fort Worth, with the next location in Plano opening September 7th, and two Dallas stores scheduled for 2013 and 2014. The Fort Worth store is about an hour away for me, so 3 hours and $124 later, here is a sampling of what came home with me.


Trader Joe Frozen Entrees

All 3 of these sound incredible. The bird's nests are kale, carrot and onion.


Trader Joe Refrigerated

Lots of lunches and snacks here...


Trader Joe Pantry Items

I couldn't leave without TJ's chocolate chips (vegan but not kosher now).


Trader Joe Spreads

The olive hummus is unbelievable!


Trader Joe Seasoning

Can you believe $3.99 olive oil and $1.99 pepper?


Trader Joe Produce

These heirloom tomatoes were only $2.99 and shiitakes just $2.79.


Trader Joe Snacks

The almond butter with flax is toasty scrumptious, and just $4.99 for 16 oz.


Trader Joe Grains

The best grain blends ever. My favorite is the Brown Rice Medley, LilSis' is the Harvest Grains.



Trader Joe Bistro Salad

TJ's, you're talking my lunch love language.


Trader Joe Nutty Bits

As delicious as they sound, even to a non-sweet eater. And they're vegan!


Trader Joe Cranberry Apple Butter

I can't believe I found this again, and it's not even Christmas!


Trader Joe Chai

Chai $3.49 + Almond milk $1.69 = LOTS cheaper than Starbucks!


Trader Joe Almonds

My favorite almonds ever!


Trader Joe Hand Cream

$1.99 vegan hand cream that's awesome!


Trader Joe Lavender Dryer

Buy these!


So that's a quick look at my first trip to the first Trader Joe's in Texas. It's been a LONG time coming, and the Dallas/Fort Worth area is buzzing like you can't believe.  Welcome to Texas, Trader Joe's! We promise that you'll be happy that you came!


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