Clarisonic in Pink? Yes, please!

October 27, 2010

I love my Pink Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System.  No, that’s a lie.  Let me be completely honest.

I’m actually addicted to my Clarisonic and use it every single day.  Sometimes twice a day.

It helps me keep my persnickety skin clean and smooth.  It enables my serum and moisturizer to work better, since the skin is clear and able to absorb products easier.  I think of it as lessening the barrier of product build-up, dead skin cells and makeup.  Without that barrier, my products have an easier time of getting down into the skin to do what they’re supposed to do.

There’s only one thing wrong with my beloved Clarisonic.  It’s not pink!  It’s white!


Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System in Graphite Gray, Pink and White

I know, it’s shocking that there is a pink product on this planet that I don’t have.  I truly am the Queen of All Things Pink.

But I don’t have a pink Clarisonic.  And I’m just the teeniest tiniest bit pouty about that.

Do I need a pink Clarisonic?  No, my white Clarisonic works perfectly.

Do I want a pink Clarisonic?  Uh, YEAH, of course I do!

Now, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and you don’t have to wish and pine for a pink Clarisonic like I am.  You can get your very own Pink Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System and donate to breast cancer research at the same time.  Plus you can get it with free shipping!  AND you can add free engraving to your Clarisonic to make it absolutely your own.  Add your name, a nickname, or a fun or motivational phrase.

How would I engrave my pink Clarisonic?  “Queen of All Things Pink”, of course!  😀


Pink Videos Plus 1 to Download!

August 8, 2010

Hey, LilSis, I know you enjoy Pink’s music as much as I do.  I really like the “Glitter in the Air” video you shared the other day.

I love that one minute she’s irreverent, fun and sassy – even wild –  and the next minute she surprises us with a really touching melancholy ballad.  She doesn’t fit the cookie cutter image of a Hollywood pop star (and doesn’t want to), but I don’t feel that her unique style ever overshadows her talent.  Not hatin’ on you, Lady Gaga, I’m just sayin’. 😀

Did you notice Pink’s tweet on Saturday that gave us a link to a special “Please Don’t Leave Me” video that we can download for free?  Just go to Pink’s video page and use the code PDLM.  I don’t know how long the video download will be available, so you might want to grab it now.  If you want to be notified of future downloads, you can sign up for her newsletter.  I did!

You can also watch some of Pink’s videos online on her video page.  I’ve never seen this one for “I Don’t Believe You” but I love it even though it makes me want to cry!

So, now that Pink’s European Funhouse tour has wrapped up, will she be back in the studio to work on a new album?  “Funhouse” was a great one, but I’ve listened to all those songs a bajillion times now and I’m ready for some new Pink music!


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Pink’s Glitter in the Air

July 28, 2010

I don’t watch any television during the day but I really wanted to see Oprah last Friday when she interviewed Pink and I totally forgot about it. If I had even remembered what day it was on, I could have at least set the DVR to record it. I’m bummed that I missed it.

Every time I hear Pink’s ‘Glitter in the Air’ on the radio, I’m instantly reminded of her jaw-dropping performance at the Grammy’s.

I can’t say enough about how much I love this song and this performance, so if you missed it, I think it’s worth five minutes of your time to watch the video.

I remember after I first saw this on the Grammy’s, I was happy that we had recorded it so I could watch it again. It’s obvious that Pink is serious about staying in good shape and I think after seeing the Cirque de Soleil Zumanity in Vegas last year, it made me appreciate the talent and the strength it takes to perform this type of acrobatics.

I’m so glad that Pink doesn’t even think of lip syncing because her voice is absolutely amazing in this performance. And, as if singing while hanging upside down from the ceiling on a trapeze in a gorgeous, yet skimpy bodysuit isn’t enough; she decides to take it to the next level…


Tidbits from BigSis: Hey, LilSis, I have a few little bits of info that I can add to this. If you follow Pink’s tweets or watch the news, you know that she had an accident last week shortly before her European tour ended. She flew off the stage into the steel barricade between the stage and the concert-goers, and was taken to the hospital. She didn’t have any broken bones, miraculously, just lots of aches and pains.

Also, I heard that Dreya Webber choreographed this Grammy Award performance for Pink. If you do P90X, you know that Dreya is a dancer and aerialist in phenomenal shape, and is in several of the P90X videos.

I love this video too! Thanks for reminding me to watch it again! I just can’t believe that someone else has my favorite outfit!


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OPI Pink

June 5, 2010

I zipped up to Ulta the other day to look for the Essie Resort Collection nail polishes that LilSis told us about. Guess what?  Gone!  Bummer.


I did find another fun collection though, and surprise surprise…it’s my favorite color: pink.  OPI Pink!

This collection includes 4 pale pink colors that are all different.  Here are the colors and OPI’s description of the shades:

Isn’t That Precious:  A precociously pretty light pink.

Pink A Doodle:  Oodles of shimmery pale pink.

I Think In Pink:  And I think I love this pop of pink!

It’s A Girl:  And she adores this baby pink!


I’m wearing 3 coats of all 4 colors in order, starting with Isn’t It Precious on my index finger and ending with It’s A Girl on my pinky.  Please forgive my sloppy polish application; I was clearly in a big hurry!  😀

I use mostly Essie polishes, but I was pleased with these OPI polishes.  They dried quickly, with great shine (without a top coat) and no bubbles.

I liked most of the colors, but Pink A Doodle was pretty streaky and I didn’t see much of the advertised shimmer.  I Think In Pink was a little more pink than the other shades; even a bit too much pink for me when it comes to fingers (toes are another story!).  If I had to choose a favorite, it would probably be It’s A Girl, since it was still a bit sheer and pretty neutral without being too pinky.


If you can’t find this kit of 4 mini polishes, look for the colors individually in regular size bottles.  So tell us, have you found any fun new polish colors for this summer?


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Pink T3 Tourmaline Flat Iron

February 22, 2009

The day that changed my life?  It was 8 to 10 years ago.  I can’t remember exactly when I first heard about the Chi ceramic flat iron, but I do recall that it cost me $140 at my salon (they were sold only through salons at that point).   I’d NEVER paid that much money for any hair tool, and haven’t paid that much since then.  But that first Chi lasted me up until 2 weeks ago with zero problems.  So was it worth it?  Oh yeah!  To go from big curly frizzy poofy Texas hair to smooth silky straight hair for only about a dollar a month?  No question!

After having such great results and endurance from my old Chi, I of course wanted to replace him with the same model.  Dance with the one that brought ya, right?  I got the new Chi home, unwrapped him, and prepared to enjoy his smoothing hotness for the first time.  Damn!  This guy couldn’t fill the shoes of my old Chi!  What the heck!!  He wasn’t hot and smooth!  He was draggy and warmish and pulled my hair!

Back to the store he went!  Still, I was loyal to my old Chi and got another exact replica of him.  Surely, I couldn’t be disappointed two times in a row.  Wrong!  Again, it felt like Mr. Chi wasn’t getting hot enough, but he did seem to be frying my hair and pulling the ends.  Back to the store we went for the third time.

I’m loyal, but I’m no fool.  Something has changed in Chi-land since I bought my first one many years ago.  It was time to switch teams, and that’s what I did.  The next applicant to be my new flat iron friend was the T3 Tourmaline.  Tourmaline is a precious crystal that is embedded within the ceramic plates somehow, and it is supposed to use negative ions to lock moisture in the hair, and to lessen the damage inflicted on the hair. It did cost me an extra $20, but I was willing to give it a try.  I can’t live without a flat iron, and the Chi wasn’t an option any longer.  As we say in Texas, he’d done split his britches!

Pink T3 Tourmaline Flat Iron

Pink T3 Tourmaline Flat Iron

Did the T3 live up to the claims it made?  Yes yes yes!  I love this flat iron!  I’ve been using it for almost a week, and it honestly is very noticable to me that it is gentler on my hair.  It seems easier to get the ends to curve under, plus it’s much lighter weight than the Chi and the temperature is adjustable.  And did I mention that IT’S PINK??!!  I love this iron.  When your current iron poops out on you, this is the ONE to try!


Celebrate the Pinkness!

February 12, 2009

Some people think Valentine’s Day was dreamed up by Hallmark or Russell Stover.  That’s a pretty cynical view though, don’t you think?  Most people do think Valentine’s Day is just for people who currently have a sweetheart, but I don’t buy that either.  I don’t have a Valentine this year, but it’s ok, really.  Don’t cry for me.  For me, Valentine’s Day is a genuine, validated, honest-to-goodness reason to celebrate my favorite color…pink!   It’s a beautiful thing.  Let me count the ways I love pink pink and more pink!

  • Pink – in some shade – looks good on everyone, whether it’s clothes or makeup.
  • Pink goes with every other color.  Think about it. Pink with neutrals: brown, gray, black, white.  Pink with brights like orange and yellow sends you off on a crazy fun 60s trip.  Pink with green is fresh, pink with blue is sweet, and pink with red is beyond fun and cheerful.  What have we missed?  Pink with purple?  With aqua?  It all goes together.  Can you say that about any color?  I think not!  Pink rules!
  • Pink works in unexpected ways in decor.  It doesn’t have to be Barbie or Strawberry Shortcake.  It can be a subtle accent shade, or it can be a strong punch of unexpected color.  How brave are you?  I’m pretty brave…the condo I lived in for 10 years had pink living room walls.  I mean pink!  Ralph Lauren Duchesse Satin metallic luminescent pink walls!  Sadly, they discontinued this paint, so I can never recreate that room that I loved.
  • Pink‘s music is a great choice for your iPod cardio playlist!
Pink being Pink!

Pink being Pink!

  • Pink food is almost always delicious!  Think about strawberry ice cream, raspberry mousse, pink lemonade, cranberry applesauce, that strawberry jello cake we used to make, vodka pasta sauce, and salsa cream cheese dip.  Oh, and then there’s the goat cheese roasted beet tortellini at Stephen Pyles in downtown Dallas.  Can you think of any yukky pink food?
  • Pink is an awesome happy color in kitchen appliances.  Case in point, my pink Kitchenaid beauties!
  • Pink is the universal favorite color of 90% of all little girls under the age of 10.  Want to make a friend with a little girl?  Admire her pink Dora the Explorer sandals!
  • Pink is a gorgeous color in nature…roses, azaleas, fuschia, tulips, hydrangea, you name it.  And sunsets!
  • Pink is so fabulous that it can be a project!  Check out JeongMee Yoon’s Pink Project!
So much perfect pink!

So much perfect pink!

The next time you think about Valentine’s Day, remember it isn’t just about candy and jewelery and a dozen roses…it’s an excuse to celebrate the pinkness!


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Valentine’s Food of Love

February 10, 2009


Valentine’s Day is sneaking up on us just like Christmas did, and 2009 did.  It’s February already?  Mid-Feb, in fact?  Oy vey, time goes by fast!

Now that I’ve made myself sound like a 110 year old woman – not that there’s anything wrong with that – let me get on with Valentine’s Day Food of Love!  If you’re looking for some new ideas for your Heart Day, check out these.  They aren’t your Grandma’s sugar cookie cut-outs, but again, nothing wrong with that.  :-)

Check back for more Valentine’s Day stuff coming your way this week!


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My Pink KitchenAid Kitchen is Complete!

January 10, 2009

My Pink Power KitchenAid Kitchen is now complete, thanks to SisMama!  I posted some photos of my pink kitchen last fall, but one thing was missing.

The Pink Kitchenaid Blender!

The Pink KitchenAid Blender!

I had been using a white Oster blender that I bought when I got out of college (we KNOW how long ago that was!).  I was determined to hold off on the pink KitchenAid blender until the Oster passed away, but even with everyday smoothie duty, the darn thing would just not quit!  This Christmas though, SisMama blessed my little kitchen with the pink blender, and I donated the Oster to the women’s shelter store here in Dallas that’s my favorite charity.

Thanks, SisMama!  My happy little pink kitchen is so much fun to be in!

My pink triplets!

My pink KitchenAid triplets!

Now, if that old Black and Decker white hand mixer would just poop out…


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Pink Ribbon Cookie Kit

October 29, 2008

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is almost over, but this adorable little Pink Ribbon Cookie Kit from King Arthur Flour is timeless.

King Arthur Pink Ribbon Cookie Kit

King Arthur Pink Ribbon Cookie Kit

You get the ribbon cookie cutter, but you also get the vanilla sugar cookie mix, the white icing mix, pink food coloring, and pink sprinkles!  That’s everything you need!  And look at the cute little box the kit comes packaged in!

Great packaging from King Arthur!

Great packaging from King Arthur!

And, you definitely need these sprinkles for the cookies.

Pink Ribbon Sprinkles

Pink Ribbon Sprinkles

I frequently check out the King Arthur web site, but I missed this.  If it hadn’t been for this great blog, Baking Bites, I would have never known about this kit so full of pinkness!  BTW, Baking Bites introduced us to this Williams-Sonoma Acorn Cakelet Pan today, and I can’t stand how cute it is!


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Pink Power

October 1, 2008

You’re so right, LilSis.  October is a very important month for women.  Breast cancer touches just about everyone in one way or another, and this month it’s getting some attention.  If we all did just one thing – participate in a race, organize an event, or just buy a product that benefits breast cancer research – then it would be a beautiful thing.

You’re also right that I LOVE me some pink!  I don’t think I know of anyone who likes the color as much as I do, except for the lady on Dog Whisperer whose whole apartment was pink, all her clothes were pink, even her dog was dyed pink.  I have to admit she had me beat.  BTW, do you love Cesar Milan?  He SO makes me think that I could adopt a German Shepherd and not have it boss me around.  Anyway, I digress.  Back to the pink and the cause.

I adore the “Cook for the Cure” series of pink KichenAid appliances!  Did I say I adore it?  I meant I ADORE it!!!!  I have the stand mixer and the food processor, all of the gadgets, mixing bowls, measuring spoons and cups.

The coffee pot and toaster aren’t KitchenAid but I lurve them anyway.  The Cook’s brand comes from JC Penney, but I don’t think they offer the pink color any more.  I’m just hoping my old white Oster blender will go to appliance heaven soon so I can get the pink blender!  Is that wrong?  To wish demise on a loyal appliance who has stuck with me through smoothie after smoothie for more than 25 years?  I think not; not if it means a donation to an incredible cause.

So get out there people, and buy something pink!  Do it for the women who aren’t with us any longer, the women who have survived this disease, and the women who will face it in the future.  We can make a difference!