I’ve been Visual.ly Twitterized!

March 18, 2012

Have you heard about Visual.ly? According to their web site, I’m a geeky, grinning, skateboard-riding foodie!

Twitterized Visual.ly

I’ll accept that! At least, all of it except for the skateboard-riding. We all know that I’d break a hip, at my advanced age.

I also have a slight question about bacon and bullfighting. Where in the world did those topics come from?  I haven’t tasted bacon in 18+ years and never talk about it.  And bullfighting? Let’s not even go there!

Oh, and while I’m wondering about Visual.ly’s ways, I have to ponder the mention of “adam”. Could the “adam” actually be the Adam Richman, who ripped me on Twitter and asked me to stop watching his show? Thanks for reminding me of that debacle, Visual.ly! I had almost forgotten it. Almost.

What Visual.ly does with this little graphic is look at your twitter account (your info isn’t made public or anything weird like that), and make a funny assessment of who you are. It’s based on your tweets, your followers and who you follow. And from my experience, they toss in a bit of their own randomness, just to keep it lively!

To twitterize yourself, just go to visual.ly/labs/twitter and have fun!


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Twitter Sisters

September 25, 2009

I’ve never been an early adopter.  I don’t buy the newest car, TV, camera, phone or computer operating system until long after all of the bugs have been worked out.  I didn’t even get my first iPod til last year!

So, I’m also not cool.  Intentionally.  If everyone is buying or doing some fabulous new trendy thing, then I really don’t want to do it at all.  I guess I don’t want to feel like a trend-captive lemming, just going along with what everyone else has decided I should do or buy.

That’s how it was with belly button piercing.  I wanted to do it really badly years ago, and was about to do it when the piercer/tattoo artist told me I couldn’t get in the water for 2 weeks afterward, but I was in ding dang Hawaii so I knew that wasn’t going to fly.  Once I got back home though, it seemed like everybody and their dog were getting their belly buttons pierced, and I lost my interest in it for good.

I have to admit that I’ve had that same stubborn don’t-wanna-do-it attitude about Twitter.  Everyone else’s been tweeting like crazy, and I just haven’t had the desire to do it.  I didn’t see the point.  Who cares what I’m doing right now?  Most of the time, I don’t even care about what I’m doing!  Honestly, it’s just not very interesting to think about what I’m having for lunch, or how long I’ve been in line at the cleaners, or how my mammogram went (btw, it hurt like a son of a gun, thanks for asking).  I also couldn’t imagine how I could find any time in my day to put this stuff out there.

I’ve caved though, in fact, I’ve joined in with fervor!  I’m a happy little lemming!  And so is LilSis.  We’re tweeting and it’s so much fun!!  Who knew!  What happened?  Well, we started exploring a little and followed a couple of people.  Then we hesitantly tweeted once, and then twitted a couple of times, and then twittered like crazy, and by then we were hooked! 😀

We’ve made a promise to each other though.  We want to only tweet about things we would like to read.  That might be an article we think is valuable, a great inspiring quote, a delicious recipe, some important news, or maybe something just full of ridiculous fun!  We want our Twitter time to bring a little something more to BigSisLilSis, and we would love for you to come join in and follow us!

We’re coming up on our first Blogiversary in a few days (woo hoo), and are excited to start our second year as Tweeters!  We’ll be at BlogWorld in Vegas in 3 weeks, and plan to tweet up a storm!  Oh, and we both also just got our first smart phone last week!  Aren’t you proud of us?

What’s next for these two wild and crazy women?  Flat panel televisions?  BluRay players?  Stay tuned to our Twitter accounts (BigSisTX and LilSisCA) and find out!


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